(So called) Group Finder Improvements

When you say “chill group” do you mean a group that is chill, or a group you can chill with? Honest question.

If it’s a group you’re looking to chill with, you don’t need an authenticator for that because it would go in the Custom section of LFG. (I think)

If you’re posting “chill group” in the description for keys and such, I think you’ll need an authenticator attached but you’ll still be able to do that without one in the Custom section of LFG. (Again, I think that’s how it works)

I’d like to let skilled players know that I’m not skilled before I list. Not really relevant to the conversation. It could mean I’d like to post “big ds wanted” if I was good. There is a wide variety of player skills and I would like the ability to match myself with those closest matched to my lameness.

I thought that’s what RaiderIO is for?

You’re already able to see that when you list your group with their ilevel and score.

Sure, I group torghast often. Can’t speak to m+. It’s just fun for me. Sorry if M+ is your thing. I’d like to continue listing my 9-11s as “chill” and “scrubs welcome.” It probably doesn’t make sense to you as a skilled player.

Ahhh Grums. How right you are. People don’t separate fact from feeling anymore and if they feel it, then it’s unquestionably true. :pleading_face:

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That’s the blue post describing the change.

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Then that’s a custom group and it’s a moot point. You can list custom groups however you want.

It’s not. lol

You can. It’s a custom group.


Thanks, didn’t realize Torghast was a custom group that was excluded from the “rules”, so you have clarified it. Excellent. Thank you Rhielle, I’m sure you have helped more people than me.

I hope so. But I usually just make people mad. LOL

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this change is long over due and its about time it happened…also dont people have phones? its 2021 who doesnt have a apple/smart phone with this app already… its free lol

It can also be easily put on a computer with an emulator. :woman_shrugging:

I disagree with you here, Rhielle. Blizzard should provide all authentication in-house. 3rd party authentication they have no control over is bizarre.

… how do they not have control over it?

Asking you to install 3rd party software they have no control over to authenticate you isn’t strange to you?

emulators are 3rd party

Granted, so are cell phones. So not sure what I’m trying to say. I’ve strayed to far from factual information into the dystopian nonsense I was trying to avoid.

No one is asking anyone to do that. It’s called “an option to run the OS if you don’t have a phone.”

Do you not understand how the app works or emulators? It’s a way to run an OS. The app is absolutely Blizzard’s. So what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.

Yes, again, I strayed into personal bias on information collection etc… so good day to you. I got what I came for. I can still say “Ima scrub.” Thanks again.

Imagine still not having an authenticator in 2021.

OP we’ll see you over in the CS forums whining when your account gets compromised and you have to wait for a GM to fix it for you.

…for an additional fee of course…I am not paying an extra 10 dollars a month just so you can NOT spam ads at me.

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