So, apparently fire mage becoming hybrid pet class

won’t have full control of phoenix (don’t think, doesn’t read like it). But you do get to summon phoenix during combustion.

What you think of fire becoming a hybrid pet class/summoner style spec?

Honestly its amazing. its thematically amazing and a pure ranged caster. Absolute slam dunk. My only concern is how is RNG of spells its choosing handled?


It would have suited the frost/arcane mage tree much more!

In combination with the return of summon water-elemental. There we could have a very unique and special way to play that would be more fun+intresting than this new temp-pet.

Im happy for the fire/arcane mages but hope the frost-perma pet will come back too!

Removing the permanent pet and adding it to Icy veins was the right move. Hope it stays that way.


I’d rather it stay this way. Sunfury is absolutely amazing for Fire and the Water Elemental during Icy Veins was a smart move as well.


I dunno haha. Sunfury is based on kaelthas who is a famous fire mage. Giving that to frost is a bit weird thematically to me.


I don’t think that’s a fair characterization. Having a pet doesn’t make you a hybrid class and this “arcane phoenix” is barely a pet at all. From reading the tree is looks like you will have absolutely no control over it. I think the tree is conceptually sound and steeped in lore. There are a number of mechanical problems but they aren’t major and mostly apply to Arcane. For Fire it’s pretty damn near perfect.


No it was not.

Only because some min/maxers don t like the pet, it was a not so clever idea to ruin the class fantasy and just delete an important spell :frowning:
Also Mr. Hazzikostas argument = rarely someone picked its not wanted was false.
It was rarely picked bec. it was absolutly under powered!

Had it been better and maybe some talents @ talentree to improve it, more people had played with it for sure.

Hopefully it will come back one day. You don t have to pick it then, but don t speak for all of us. We liked it :wink: ( we= pet lovers)


… every mage thread ends up getting taken over by the “Bring Back Bubbles” crew …

… it’s so cringe at this point.


Yeah I am glad they put the elemental with icy veins. And this phoenix for fire/arcane sounds amazing. I am excited to play my mage in the new expansion.

Yup! So you see it was a bad decision to delete the pet.

Our voices will never be silenced.
And its no problem for you, just except there are people who miss it. Nobody is asking it should be the mandatory mage spec.


Mage is getting spoiled.

Both frostfire and sunfury are looking great, and spellslinger is looking pretty good too.

Then get out


It was a great decision to remove Water Elemental and combine it with Icy Veins. I never wanted it as a permanent pet.


Well I did so shup up

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There was no reason to delete the spell.
There was room for another style of gameplay.
But some people here are not even ok with +other+ sort of gameplay. They only want their way and thats kinda sad.
More options makes a class intresting and less boring! :slight_smile:


Definitely cringe …

By what I’ve seen Preheat playing with Sunfury on Alpha, the phoenix isn’t even a pet. It behaves just like the Arcane Familiar, stays by your side and automatically fires spells at your targets, no pet bar nor pet unit frame.


Oo nice. That’s exciting. I love phoenixes. Guess i might dust off my mage after all.

Edit: it basically looks like you do 80% of your damage in combustion. It’s also got the mechagon bracers effect. Not sure if i can swing it. I’m terrible at doing all my damage in a cd window and it feels awful for fights with add mechanics.

Edit: It’s very much the shadowlands cancer of living within your damage cd and extending it as much as possible. The most frustrating thing with that design is they kept nerfing things because of it, so the class was very much being overtuned for the top 1% of players with no payout for playing a more difficult playstyle. If that payout existed i might be willing to try it, but numbers tuning history says otherwise.

Visually it’s very fun to watch.

Shadowlands is a mastapeece