Slime cat mount obtain requirements is fine if you find the right people

This group is what helped me get my hunter the Sylvanas bow and aotc on said hunter

Maybe you don’t know it

It’s not the players who AFK, it’s the run in, cast 1 spell, then intentionally die players.

I’ve seen you say this elsewhere and you’re wrong. LFR is called LFR and Normal raid called Normal. You’re trying to convince people of something that isn’t true. Just because you believe something and equate it in your head this way, that doesnt make it true.


Quelle suprise, Clark is here to save the day with another “Blizzard can do no wrong” take.


It was never day one, people assumed so.

While I applaud this… and think people are awesome for doing it, it makes me wonder, since Blizz must know about these carry groups happening… what is the point of restricting the mount in the first place then? Save everyone the trouble and add it to LFR. But they keep making decisions that community has to organize and work around.


It’s wild, when the achievement specifically says “any difficulty” and the Fated system is also rolling out to LFR for people to assume that it means they can complete a Fated raid on any difficulty :roll_eyes:


Datamine =/= live release. People never learn.

The achievement is literally in the live game like that, my bro.


That’s from right now, in retail, five seconds ago.


Clarnk not white knighting blizz challenge

Level: Impossible

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Then why are people saying its only from normal?

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Tone deaf as per usual from the typical WoW player.

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Please show me where I can join an auto queue in wings for Normal.

I’ll wait.


Good, I’m glad more people will try normal raids through this.

That likely won’t happen.