Slime cat mount obtain requirements is fine if you find the right people

Blues are right

Friendship moose groups is more than enough to help you get your cat mount if you wanted it

There are people out there like these people that love to help you get your aotc, or in this case the slime cat mount for free, you’re looking at the wrong groups

Stop using the “aotc only” groups as the representative

Do your research


I disagree.

Just going to point out that the friend groups normally only kill the last boss, and you have to be lucky to get picked. If, IF they decide to help people get the slime cat it will take much much longer to clear an entire raid x3 raids, so not nearly as many people will get the carry. You also have to get picked 3 different times, which is very unlikely.

You would be much better off just trying to get it yourself, even if it’s through pugging.

I think letting people get the cat through LFR is the right thing to do. Let everyone get it. Let it be easy going and fun. Especially since the season is so short and there’s not much to do while we wait for DF.

I also find it odd that you’re fine with it not being in LFR because there are carry groups… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Don’t you think people would enjoy earning it themselves through the difficulty of their choice?


Normal mode is literally LFR but people actually have to work together

AFK raiders should not sit auto attacking to get a mount


Oh look it’s Blizzard pretending to listen to the community while doing something completely crappy like this. Why am I not surprised?


Again with this? So many LFRs I’ve been a part of have vote-kicked literal afkers.

(I do not afk in LFR. I put in less effort than I do in Normal but I don’t afk.)


Wait was the slime cat changed to not be from LFR or was it never that way?

It was never that way, people just assumed it would available from LFR.

And people assumed that included LFR

It is a change as on live the achievements for each fated raid read as “any difficulty while Fated”


Blues are dumb, no one helps players anymore unless you pay gold upfront.


I’m sorry but every achievement that states “any difficulty” so far has included LFR, or else they would have worded as “on normal difficulty or higher” like they do for the glory achievements that requires heroic or w/e


Players can help other players for free. Someone just has to put in the effort.

This is not 2006, those players will sell carries though.

This ^


Whatever the case on what the slime cat was, it should include LFR.

Full clear vs 1 boss.

Apples and Oranges


I thought these groups had died out. I didn’t see any #FriendshipDragoon threads this go around.

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My raid team is going to do it on normal, but I don’t think I’m going to invite anyone from the forums. You are a bit negative for my taste.

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1 boss vs 30 is a bit different.
Im sceptical there will be many groups doing many runs.


That’s okay, I wasn’t asking.


Me too, at first, but remember lots of groups still sell KSM and KSH packages, that’s about 16 M+ runs which may take 30 minutes each.

A full clear of normal might be two hours and they can probably carry about 10 people.

Yeah but they make a lot of gold off that.
When i bought my curve in bfa for the mount, the going rate for that one boss was 1 tokens worth of gold.

If its 3 full raid clears i shudder at the thought of the prices haha