Slime cat mount obtain requirements is fine if you find the right people

Fair, I don’t blame you because the prices will definitely be higher. I think they won’t be much higher than aotc because aotc is last boss heroic and they have to do full normal (the first sevenish bosses are easier) and even the last boss on normal will probably be not too challenging for groups that have cleared mythic.

My thinking on it is that if they can carry twice the bodies, it’ll probably end up being around half the cost. Maybe less because I anticipate demand being lower than aotc

If you have to exaggerate to make a point, then you have no point.


I saw a post from Perky pugs looking for carriers for the #friendshipcrab, they are doing it during season 4 because it will be easier to kill. They’ll be able to carry more people.

That’s good news and bad news. Good that they’re doing it, but bad because #FriendshipDragoon was right there and they didn’t take it. :frowning:

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AFK raiders get VTK or they cause an LFR raid to wipe.

Have you ever done an LFR?


This is a bad decision on blizz’s part, and yet again, OP with a bad pro-blizz take on a bad blizz decision.


More like give determination stacks to the max and then start kicking auto attack afkers

This is a pretty bad take. There’s no reason to keep this out of LFR. It isn’t a challenge mount, it’s a mount associated with this “Fated” experiment. It’s content for this patch that is otherwise pretty much void if anything for non-raiders/M+ folks. This should be in LFR.


I wonder when Clark will realize no one takes him seriously, with all the brown-nosing he does.


Yup i wont even bother playing this season if there is no cat on lfr. im out


No they aren’t. Stop defending Blizzard’s toxicity towards casuals.


You are insufferable Clark, well done, if you aren’t trolling and this is your true personality then ohh boy.


It was never specified to be in certain raid levels. Now it is.

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I think the exact wording was “any level of difficulty of Fated” and people assumed that meant any difficulty.


I used to do LFR a lot on my alts. Never saw AFKers survive more than 1-2 pulls before getting kicked.

If it happens, it happens rarely.



Let me know what group is gonna help me kill 30 some bosses.

Actually, they are as wrong as you usually are.


I used to run LFR regularly during late WoD, and this oft-repeated cliché that a significant number of people in the group can just AFK through it is absurd. (There may be one or two trolls that try to.)

Is LFR as difficult as Normal and up? No, it isn’t. But the group still has to put in some coordinated effort and follow some mechanics, or the bosses simply don’t die, and the group repeatedly wipes despite determination stacks.


Clark, carry me through normal

I will have that slime cat

It’s not even like Normal raiding is hard. Normals are accessible and easy to get into, even on the first day. In addition, the fated affix is there to help you. It’s a beneficial affix. Getting the slime cat will not be challenging in the slightest if you actually make a good attempt for it.

Them groups are trash Clark and you know it . To many people trying to get them to help them and never enough time to take care of everyone good luck getting the help. Get your bad posts outta here.