Slime Cat forcing players into pug raids

bruh, the slime cat is an achievement…for normal raid ffs. If you can’t pug a fricking normal raid that is completely nerfed to the ground and with buffs on top of it. No, you don’t deserve a slime cat mount.

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Try doing pug as Ragnaros player…It’s hours being rejected, that’s why M+ and Raid is content that i do with my group of friends.


its the only logical conclusion


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That’s not the point here. I think you should take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of those that really can’t pug the normal raids. As I said in numerous threads, this is not a problem for me, but I feel for the ones it affects.

Edit: Also, I get what you are trying to say about it being an achievement but seriously - at the end of the expansion on a rotation?

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Can you think of a better one?

I can eventually pug but it takes a lot of time, try and fail attempts,compared to your own core doing this content, Blizzard didn’t take on consideration that a lot of players don’t have interest on S4 due to DF launch being this year.

I repeat, normal. nerfed. with buffs (to you, not the raid). You can just auto pilot it for the most of it, and it will be there for at least 4-5 months. The point is, you can’t set the bar any lower than it currently is being proposed. If you REALLY can’t do it, then join a casual organized guild and do it with them or simply buy a run, I really doubt the price will be more than 50k per raid, and that’s high balling it.

no i am agreeing with u

i cant think of any other logical reason

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Like, premade groups exist

You do not have to pug

Again, missing the entire point of MY posts, not talking about the entire thread - just how I am trying to guide you to have some sort of empathy or simply putting yourself in the shoes of others…that’s all the game needs some more understanding among the playerbase. No wonder it’s gone to hell.

I will repeat this once for you, I have no problem getting the achievement and will most likely clear Heroic and start Mythic if enough of the group comes back.


It’s not hard to just pug a Normal raid… I think people are way over reacting. Nor is it toxic from my experience.

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It’s like they pulled a scumbag move on the players! :wink:


Pretty sure nobody sells Normal lmao

They sure as hell can now.

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I haven’t pugged for quite some time so I’m not sure how that scene is. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind trying to put together some normal groups for others.

I don’t know if you guys remember back in MoP when the heirlooms were going to go away from Garrosh, there were multiple groups formed to get people their heirlooms…I imagine we can do the same again…we did this for free

the slime cat is going to force people to do things? will it make them start fires? i sure hope not!

All for the low low price of 2 tokens per one of the 3 raids.


I am trying really hard to put myself in the shoe of someone who can’t clear a normal raid, but I simply can’t. Because it’s too damn easy. Really!
More easy than that only if Blizzard simply mailed me the mount.
Use the game tools in your favor, if you are such an unskilled player you can’t kill a normal raid in one week, extend it for when it comes back in the next rotation. Or you know, join a casual raiding guild. Most casual raiding guilds are very forgiving and very charitable with people with disabilities or low time commitment. It’s completely on the player if they have some handicap but they still want to do things by themselves alone.

They will even include gear funneling :slight_smile:

It’s not completely nerfed to the ground because there’s a new affix :clown_face:

btw, I’d rather do LFR instead of organize a raid here’s why

  1. a man named alan turing stated that if you have an algorithm you have a program
  2. blizzard developed an algorithm that builds 25 man raids from queues of dps, healers, and tanks
  3. players dont have to be bothered by having to organize the raid themselves because that problem is already solved by an algorithm