"Slaves to Saronite" daily MASSIVE BUG

Slaves. /rolls eyes. They’re always going through your pockets when you’re not looking, am I right?

Oh that is good to hear man… I was mentally preparing that I was never gonna see my gold again. Really disheartening when you lose all your income right before ulduar. My motivation went from super excited to not motivated at all when the bug finessed me :frowning: Wonder how long it will take ?

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They still have not given an answer about what happened to the lost gold… if they are going to replace it?

I think it would be somewhat unfair that they do not replace the gold lost in a quest error… someone with 5 fingers of brain would agree with me… we did a lot to generate gold and in a few seconds lose it due to an error… well I think that they should make amends for what happened

Hello guys,
I got reply too. Here is it:

My name is Game Master Fraedenar. I’m a Blizzard Entertainment GM and I am answering your support ticket about lost gold due to the daily quest Slaves to Saronite.
This situation is known to the developers and is being worked on, but we have no ETA on how long it will take to be fixed. This means it could take days or weeks, or your gold could be returned tonight. There’s no way to rush this process unfortunately and we appreciate your gold is important, but we must ask you please to be patient and you should hopefully get your gold returned in due course.

So, I guess only thing we can do is wait now.

Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply on this but I wanted to chime in and confirm that we are actively looking into refunding those that lost gold during the time period this issue was active in the US/AU this past Tuesday/Wednesday. We’ve hit a few delays and complications trying to get this resolved and we want to be extra sure we have everyone who experienced this issue covered before we do our restorations. Please hang in there for a bit longer and hopefully we’ll be able to get your gold back to you very soon.

Thanks for all the reports and your patience in this. Have a great weekend!


Any chance that the dual spec issue will be resolved? It’s having a serious negative impact on the game by preventing the training of new abilities/ranks locked behind specializations.

They said they’re investigating it in the hotfixes thread.

Thank you, please finish faction change next.

Is there any way to make a claim that I experienced this issue, Beyond just a bug report?

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Nope, not needed at all. We can see all those affected on our end and the process to refund everyone should be totally automatic. Thanks!


Can you please make sure my character Microbes-Ashkandi gets reimbursed I lost 34,500 and I have had so much anxiety over this and its really not helping my mental state I got enough issues with my bipolar this has made my last few days hell.

I just receieved 190 gold from blizzard said was found in twisting nether… i hope thats a joke because i lose 34,500 help me pls.

Has anyone tried doing an Icecrown daily circuit since they fixed the bug? Personally I did not lose my gold to ‘Slaves to Saronite’, I lost it to the two bomber dailies given above Aldur’thar: The Desolation Gate. I lost a significant amount, it was returned in full and I’m curious if it’s totally safe to get back to that routine again.

Anyone receive refunds yet?

lol? no you didnt

why would you click it that many times.

Bc i didnt realize i was losing gold obviously was just trying to get quest credit for freeing them. You people can be super immature and inconsiderate sometimes gd. Multiple gms have comfirmed for me that i was affected so troll away.

Are we sure that’s the case? Here’s a response to a ticket I received just moments ago:

"Specialist Game Master Sniekia here, hope the day’s treating you well so far. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us about your recent experience in game! I was able to look into a few things on my end and am happy to go over things a bit more with you.

Unfortunately customer support is not able to confirm what the outcome will be after further investigation.

Our developers have fixed the issue that was causing this problem, and any gold lost has been restored via in-game mail to others players. If your account was missed or if the gold delivery is just delayed, we advise to submit a bug report so it can go to the correct team to investigate further. Customer support is not able to assist with manually providing the gold.

Thanks for reaching out today Brooks. Despite the situation at hand, Please do not hesitate to reach out to us down the road should any other problems crop up and we will do our best to get you sorted.

Take care and have a great day."

My gold has not been restored.

Anyone got the gold back yet?