SL Delayed + Prepatch Oct 13th


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Yeah this is already on the general forum I don’t really see why to post it here xD

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NGL I never go to GD, figure a lot of people are the same. I only go to GD to periodically try my hand at a big take, but I’ve only posted there like… 10 times? Ever? In ten years? And most of those these past few months

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Fair :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t expect anything at this point, but maybe, just maybe, Demo will see some fixes before live now that they have some more time. wtb cool nether portal

Dang. I dont like it, but i respect it. I wonder if they can take this time to revert pet casting? Its the only thing that doesnt seem to have any connotation of throughput at all.

edit: its like they made the change, then are afraid to say way because we can prove them wrong and make them revert it.


100% time to bring back the Anti 6 Seconds Crusade

also Warlock Stables :stuck_out_tongue:


I only go to GD if I want to get banned tbh. Also, something tells me they’re more or less done with base classes (barring numbers tuning) and are going to be needing all the extra time to try to salvage covenants.


This is what i am afraid of. Even though they are given reasons why something doesnt make sense (6 sec summons or demo interrupt), we dont get their idea of what we are supposed to accomplish.


Wondering this myself. I suspect it is more about the Covenant system than anything else. They have been getting hit mercilessly over the system.

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Really wish prepatch oct 6th but at least it’ll be a prepatch while we wait.

If anything, them delaying shadowlands puts a bigger even weight on their shoulders. Because now-- they TRULY have to deliver or it’ll just seem like this delay was pointless.

I do hope that with this extra time theyre able to look at classes a bit more, especially demonology warlocks and make some changes. Perhaps add some new glyph and cosmetic effects.

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like warlock grimoire stables :smiley:

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1-2 more months of Demo being ignored? Wonderful.

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they made the right call. im happy they did it. what they do with the time is yet to be decided and will be judged heavily, but the game wasnt launch ready, nowhere near. and at least they addressed “hey, endgame systems are not okay” which means this isnt 3 weeks or whatever to shade a few extra trees in ardenweald.


I foresee this game launching before the holidays. What they do with the extra time, I don’t expect anything for our class but more disappointment. We may have to wait untill they do their virtual blizzcon to even have a chance at getting our 6 sec pet summons question asked and even less of a chance to have it answered.

If the only positive change for warlock that this delay causes is the 6 second cast reverted, I still consider that worth it.

It will most likely be mid nov or early dec. I am hoping that demo is one of the last specs to be looked at. Though it worries me, because we are already tying interaction, legendaries, conduits, and covenant powers into it, that it cant get the restructure it deserves. I would like to see a more clear vision of what demo is supposed to be, you know, being a summoner that has fought “gods” and more and has now transcended death itself. Demo, and warlocks in general should absolutely grow every expansion with the new powers we can make a pact with and summon.

100% agree with, its a shame that the devs don’t feel the same way.

If worse comes to worst I would expect a Jan release.

Super happy about it. Not holding my break for demo changes but it would be a welcome surprise. If they pull the ripcord, all will be forgiven

They have a big issue with class tuning also it seems, as they have nerfed the hell out of many of our covenants, along with other classes.

it would seem the route they are taking is “no wrong decisions” by making everything within 1-2% of 0 dps increase.

i was hoping deep down theyd realize they could just unlock covenants, and these abilities could be absolutely wild in terms of tuning and no one would care because we wouldnt be locked out of them. Venthyr could be 20% ahead in cleave and Necro 40% ahead on pure ST because you could just change them when you wanted. FFS to me thats meaningful choice, asking “where am i gonna specialize on this fight, how can i take advantage of x mechanic to make my impact and what ability lets me do that best”

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