Skyfury is unplayable. No raids in WOTLK content on Skyfury tonight

All Classic Era PvE servers should be combined.

transfer to one of the mega threes

Mind quoting that? I don’t remember saying it.

Saying that we found fresh to be a fantastic experience comes off as “pointless” to you? What are you playing a game for if not the experience you have?

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Looking back through the thread…I have no real idea where I got that from. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Guess that’s what happens when the only time you really check the threads is either right after waking up or right after getting home from work. :melting_face:

The truth people don’t want to hear

Truth people don’t want to hear? I don’t understand. Yeah I’ll be super happy to play on the faction that has less people on it why would anyone be happy to be on a server where there are no pug dungeon or raid runs ever? Go to remulos horde and try and start a group for the daily. Tell me how much fun you’re having when you can’t find anyone because 97 percent of that server decided to go alliance.

Furthermore what is your solution outside of faction swaps for a server that is 30/70? Before faction swaps came out in wotlk classic you could maybe eventually run a pug dungeon if a tank felt bad for you but a voa or pug naxx? Forget it, just didn’t happen. How do we get groups for people stuck on servers with no population? What solution outside of faction swap or server xfer (or quitting) is there for these people?

Fresh chasers are their own worst enemy. Constantly chasing that high which only lasts 3 months or until they miss a week of play then complain they cant catch up. At this point fresh is a complete meme.

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You mean that thing I already answered?

The replies on this post are pretty funny.

If you (your average WoW player) could predict that fresh would eventually decline after 2-3 months, then do you really assume Blizzard (the company who controls your entire gameplay experience) couldn’t have seen this coming also?

Do you really think you know more than Blizzard when it comes to their servers, analytics, data, and foresights?

Blizzard, you, me, your dog etc. all knew fresh would fail.

Blizzard knew it would fail and milked it for server transfers. We’re at the point where nobody is transferring now. We are just sitting here in a declining server. No transfers, they’re just not playing anymore.

We’re asking for a reasonable solution for those of us that remain.

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:skull: you were literally warned, about this player made problem that was bound to happen. Cant be mad about something that is your fault

I think that Blizzard COULD focus on this but I also don’t think that they WANT to.

I think their making only one fresh server originally was them trying to have one that would last.

As for today though I think they focus on what they want to focus on and this isn’t it. Look at where all of their focus is. That’s what they care about more than anything else and really nothing will change.

When they opened transfers from 5 servers to others and when Maladath died and people who were quite sad were making threads asking to know why and what was happening there were no blue posts about that. However, there was a very big post about ret pally buffs. That was a HUGE slap in the face to anyone who cares about servers more than balancing, like me who cares probably 1000x more (not joking). For me it really made me realize that the game is not for me anymore. I’m no longer getting the experience, and I’m no longer surrounded by like-minded people. I was getting it in 2019 which was nothing short of amazing so that was worth it at least.

Anyway that’s off-topic but I do hope that Fresh was enjoyable for what it was, I will never knock you for playing there, and hopefully, something will happen for you all. Keep checking for free transfers, it probably won’t even be announced because that’s not considered important enough by the devs to even write a one-liner about.

Less than 50 online horde side, being able to /who your entire faction isn’t a great sign.

Buddy System called it quits tonight. Another 25man down on Horde.

F for Skyfury


Skyfury Died because if timing. Prepatch was a flavor of the month new server for streamers and their following.

Then Blizzard restricted inbound transfers but allowed outbound transfers…

Blizzard introduced Angerforge way too late into prepatch.

The entire process of Skyfury launch was butchered.

8 in Dalaran Saturday night :frowning:

I remember when people called me crazy for wanting to force seperate the mega realms.

Maybe I am a madman.

yup great server that was totally mismanaged, honestly blizzard has really fallen as a company, it’s a shame. I’d make a few more colorful comments but last time I got banned. I’ll just vote with my wallet like most people should be doing.

hate to say it but i told you so. People thinking that the new fresh realms would last. I knew they would end up being empty just like all the other non mega realms. Should have stuck to a mega. Currently in a 25man GDKP at 5am on bene.

bad to think asmon would actually stick around for wow too. He knows how to play people. Get people hyped for classic wow to get the views and then literally quits a month in. He did it for TBC and Wotlk He did ulduar exactly 1 time on 25 man and 10 man lol Hasn’t picked it up since. Idk why people follow streamers, not saying that was you but a majority of his fans joined his server which was skyfury.

some of us came back for Wrath Classic specifically, and skyfury was the only realm at the time that was PVP that I could join… everything else was FULL/LOCKED…

So we COULDN’T join a mega server… so what because we came in a month after wrath classic launch we should have to pay money to xfer off a dying realm because we COULDN’T join a high pop/locked server where our friends were

so yeah you don’t get to say “I told you so” we literally didn’t have an option… and blizzard needs to address this fact.