Skyfury is unplayable. No raids in WOTLK content on Skyfury tonight

Last raid failed to down razor at about 10 PM server time, on a Saturday evening. From that point on there were no raids in any WOTLK content for the rest of the night as there were only 60-70 lvl 80’s online. This time two months ago there were 5-10 raids going at the same time.

I honestly can’t even play anymore. I’m just unsubbing.


Unfortunately, not a unique situation to Skyfury. Many servers have become unplayable due to either that server dying completely, such as Skyfury, or it’s unplayable from your chosen faction. For example, Sulfuras still has like an 8k population, only 1k of which is alliance, and I’m not about to drop $200 to faction change all my toons, and I’m not about to spend $200 to transfer to another server just because Blizzard failed to manage the server population issues properly. Rather unsub, and so I did. My sub runs out in 2 weeks.


The problems caused by the playerbase deciding the faction balance themselves?


While I understand where you’re coming from, this does not fall exclusively on the players. We don’t have the raw data, Blizzard does. They accepted all these paid for transfers to the megaservers without considering what would happen when the servers get too full. Had they managed server population a long time ago, the issue wouldn’t exist. You can’t exclusively blame the player for wanting to be on a server that is less likely to die out in a few months, which is what a lot of us experienced in classic, and thus we transferred elsewhere, and ideally people don’t wanna have to transfer again. They just want a server with a large enough population to remain a playable population size of either or both factions.

Yes a majority of the population piled themselves on to megaservers but only because Blizzard does nothing to try and manage and control server population. All we had to do was wave our credit card in their face, and they took it knowing dang well these servers were already double and triple the size of OG vanilla. For the players, best to go to a megaserver than it is to go to a low/med pop server and hope it’s still alive in 6 months. Blizzard accepted all those paid for transfers without looking at the data to ensure their infrastructure could handle it. It couldn’t. Now the players get punished for Blizzard’s failure to nip the issue in the bud 4 years ago.

In terms of faction balance specifically, again, we don’t have the data, Blizzard does. If they never offered transfers off of perfectly healthy servers to begin with, there’d be no transfer to take and thus, servers would end up being a lot more balanced because you’re stuck where ever you rolled, unless you choose to roll fresh on another realm. We also know they have the power to try and control population as we seen it with Sulfuras when it got locked. In the beginning, Sulfuras was only locked to HORDE character transfers, but still welcomed transfers from Alliance. There’s zero reason they couldn’t have done this ages ago to help keep and maintain a balance.


If Blizzard wanted the factions to be balanced, they would be balanced. They have all the power. They just didn’t even try.


yep, it’s so easy and simple to do that nobody has been able to successfully do it


Sky Poo Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I made a suggestion you may find interesting. If you play on a PvP realm, that is.


This is what you get for starting fresh on a server, reap what you sow.

Wanna know why people go to high pop servers SPOILER to avoid this problem.


It’s almost like Blizzard didn’t implement paid transfers to other servers.

I left Skyfury on 4 toons a few months ago and haven’t once looked back.

Guess it’s easier to just make a pity party thread and claim you’re unsubbing than to just transfer off.

It is though. When Sulfuras was first locked, they turned off transfers for horde entirely but still allowed transfers from alliance before turning off transfers completely. There’s no reason they couldn’t have been doing that all this time. “The realm you have selected is not accepting transfers from your character’s faction at this time. Please select another realm.”

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See ya. :wave:

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Fresh is dying? Even Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming.


Remember when they said “at least we don’t have queues” pepperidge farm remembers.


Remember when we said queues would only last a couple weeks at most? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Pretty sure skyfury had queues larger than grobb for a few weeks.

This is, and continues to be, an awful idea whenever anybody suggests it.

I don’t know why you say the server is dead, there are 6 whole people LFG
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Edit: this is with the server still saying it’s “Medium” Population… however that system works…

Not saying it’s not a terrible idea, simply suggesting had they not offered transfers to being with, people wouldn’t take them. Take take a service that’s not being offered.