Skyfury is unplayable. No raids in WOTLK content on Skyfury tonight

I’m not giving blizz over $100 to transfer my chars because they can’t fix this. I’d rather unsub.


Fix what? There is a solution and you’re choosing not to use it.

You claiming you’re unsubbing is a personal problem.

Given your name, I’m willing to bet you’ll still be around and responded on a sock puppet to try and stir the pot.

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have a good one.

The problem lies in blizzard not restricting mega realms far far sooner.

The main reason not to all be on the same realm was Q times. Blizzard massively increased population limits in TBC and cranked layers up to double digit numbers.

When they did this players began moving to the place with the most amount of players with their faction as that only makes sense from both a competitive, and convenience point of view. You want to have the largest pool of players to choose from if you are competitive or casual. Blizzard never stepped in until the VAST majority of players were on under a handful of realms and faction balance went out the window.

I would even assume they knew this would happen and in their mind all the negatives in gameplay came second to their bottom-line. People paid for this, and many never unsubbed even though they dislike the server situation.


I was on Bene so Skyfurys queue was no where near as bad as Bene. Which btw Skyfury only got queues cause it was the streamer server, which I find kinda funny cause it would have died off a lot sooner if it wasn’t filled with clout chasers.

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Only a WoW player would consider a $100+ purchase a solution.


While I hate to sir the pot, and as much as I’m not a huge fan of Zachaios, he’s right in this sense. It may not be the solution you want, but it is Blizzard’s solution. Albeit, not a great one, and not one that’s free. It certainly has caused more issues than it solved but it’s hard to say:

When that’s the literal definition of the word ‘solution:’
“a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.”

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But you do have access to the raw data. You can see server balance pop right now. This was always a thing.

But the real solution is server merge, as has been done before. That is a solution that will be implemented, and we are trying to call attention to the fact that it is time.

You could also reroll on another server if you don’t want to pay to transfer a character to continue to play the game.


Skyfury was dope while leveling but 100% DOA once the game actually launched.

3 fresh servers in NA, and they prevented the ability to boost or xfer to the server for way too long.

Remember all the scrubs RAGING about “OMG ONLY 90 days”… bro that was 90 days too long. Server should have been open for boosts and xfers the second the game actually launched, about 30 days into fresh.

Would have been perfect, but w.e

True. My options are pay $100+ or re-invest my several hundred hours playing elsewhere and hope the same thing doesn’t happen.

Or blizz could just run the script that fixes this, and prevent me and several thousand other players from being in this situation across all the dead servers.

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Fresh was clearly a mistake and should never have been done in the first place.

Or they could have just had some kind of plan for the fall off, which was clearly going to happen.

I absolutely disagree. Fresh was awesome and the server was a blast.

The issue is they listened to dumbos on these forums about keeping everything locked for 5-6 months when the smart ppl told them to lift the boost restriction ASAP.

That killed it for me. Cant boost? No point. At least unlock the boost when we hit 70 on another character on the server.


I feel for you personally. I hope that the fresh experience was still worth it though. I’ve heard from others who’ve said that they had a great time so even if it’s died already it was worth it. I did the SoM thing for like 2 months and that was fun to me and worth it. I’ve got more memories and stories from that than I did in the first 2 months of Wrath.

Yes rerolling is an option if you don’t want to pay and rerolling can be fun. You can also transfer your main toon for now and pay $25. Another option that either works or does not depending on who is being talked to, but is not mentioned often, is using Retail tokens to pay for the transfers. Even if you haven’t been playing Retail for years sometimes there will be gold that can be used for this.

Blizzard may also offer free transfers off Skyfury at some point. They just did for Yojamba and they did a few months before Maladath but that isn’t something to be counted on. Either way, though there have been a lot of threads like this and they don’t really seem to do much Blizzard doesn’t really care who says they are going to unsub on these forums. So it really is best to just do whatever current options there are. A server merge for Wrath Classic is not going to happen.

What was there to plan? People followed their favorite streamers to level fresh during the pre-patch, and then went back to their old servers for Wrath launch. We all said this would happen, and we were right. The only mistake Blizzard made was releasing fresh in the first place.


So…you describe the problem, you agree it was foreseeable, presumably you understand merging is the solution, yet you are asking what you could have possibly planned?

Perhaps plane to solve this problem that was clear to arise? Shoot, you could have automated the scripts and written them at launch. Auto merge when pops get low enough. I’m not sure why this isn’t obvious to you.

But fresh was awesome. Definitely not a mistake, the only mistake was poor planning.

What you’re asking for goes against the very nature of fresh.

I don’t think you’re discussing this in good faith. They opened transfers after four months which also goes “against the nature of fresh.” But of course, they did that because it made sense.

Obviously you are speaking with a bunch of fresh players no longer able to play, and the solution is obvious. The solution is merging.

Either you are being willfully obstinate or you don’t have the capacity to understand what I’m describing, but I can’t do it any better.