Sitting to stand speed and kneel to stand speed two times slower than original 2006 sit to stand or kneel to stand and affects reckoning dps

2006 Classic (kneel to stand is much faster) GO TO 3:55

2006 CLASSIC (change this video to x1.75 or x2 because speed is reduced to 0.25)

2006 CLASSIC (GO TO 0:30)


BUG: In the 3 first videos I have linked (not the 4th one) the spam sit stand is 2 x faster than on live (the fourth video) which means I should be able to get more sit stands against multiple mobs hitting me for reckoning. The first video is slowed to 0.25 only at the sit stand part, so you may have to increase the speed of only the first video to x1.75 or x2 for 100% speed

Character: Exodiamaster
Realm: Yojamba

I had 12ms so not any lag and it is reducing our dps for reckoning and I know the spam sit should be faster and the animation is in sync with being hit in the live 4th (last) video. If its slower it means we cant possibly get more crits from many many mobs hitting us.

It should be no changes. Therefore no changes to the sitting speed. It should simulate the speed in the video. Just like the horde get no changes and have backdoor in av
And no changes to spells made in the game. This change affects our reckoning dps.

-another minor bug. The spider portraits look different. Is this intended wow devs? Because I found a second video with the spiders picture portrait looking different


They purposely nerfed sitting in various ways to mess with reckoning.


It should be no changes. Therefore no changes to the sitting speed. It should simulate the speed in the video. Just like the horde get no changes and have backdoor in av
And no changes to spells made in the game. This change affects our reckoning dps.

Some video of live servers could be useful for comparison, but yeah it’s clear for anyone who tries mashing X on any character that either the animation takes longer or the input is delayed from Vanilla era. Though, does anyone know what patch those videos were taken from?


Both are after patch 1.9 and I think the first was done after patch 1.10. And yes, one could indeed spam a /sit /stand macro to basically guarantee charge build up. Blizzard specifically went out of their way to try and nerf these mechanics in classic. Reckoning at the start of classic was performing much better and didn’t reset the swing timer wasting your extra attacks. The way reckoning is now, it is a broken mess that isn’t as reliable as it should be. It’s like blizzard thinks that reckoning is broken when shaman can do just as much with only a 1.5 second delay (hidden buff that prevents more procs until it fades after 1.5 seconds).


LOL so what I am seeing here is blizzard actively nerfing paladin fun but they let warriors and shamans slide on the same kinda tomfoolery? Hypocrisy in action, and considering that the number of paladin is actually kinda low and the number of warriors is really high you would think they would would either not mess with either class or nerf warriors because they are so busted op any way.

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Yep. Paladin nerfs always feel like an attack because they are hugely impactful. BoSacrifice being nerfed is probably warranted, but it massively affected PvE dps because paladins could put out pretty decent dps.

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Wait, when did sac get nerfed? That is one of the most balanced and interesting abilities in the game because it’s so subtle yet so excellent without being game breaking.

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Waaaaay back in Sept or Oct. What got nerfed was that crits were transferred through. So paladins could generate reck charges without actually being hit.

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Well that’s no fun, why does blizzard do that and let warrior exploits live?

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it is not a big secret, that a lot of players pick (for example, warrior)… to dominate, that class is good in pve and pvp for every stage of content in classic,
if that class got any type of nerf even for obviously broken things like diamond flask healing snapshot, players could become dissapointed
or imagine a warrior to being overdpsed by a paladin with stupid shadow oil and low lvl mace ?! that is unacceptable !

and we have a paladins… with many players who picked it for class fantasy, or rp reasons , etc,
its even more correct for ppl trying other than healing role of it

so you have target audience already splitted between different classes,
from one side blizz wont do anything affecting first category class performance, because ppl would be unhappy and could leave (lol),
and from other side they have zero interest on looking for (paladin’s, for exapmle ) problems, because this audience mostly know what they a singing for, and they wont stop playing paladins disregard of how Consecration programmed , etc

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So you are saying warriors are a often a bunch of bads that would cry if their class got nerfed even if its justified and for the greater good, even if that nerf was to correct an obvious game breaking bug.

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I hope this gets fixed

I know the issue with shaman - the one shot macro thing with EM + CL, but what is the warrior one?

2.0 they normalized rage so that they are far more sane.

2.0 something they nerfed the diamond flask so it no longer snapshots healing gear.

Did they nerf it?

No, but they really should

I’m not agreeing with the nerfs, but at least Blizzard is keeping “true to vanilla”. Tigole and Furor absolutely hated Paladins with the same vitriolic hate that one would have towards somebody who killed their mom. They hated all hybrids, but hated Paladins the most.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least, that since they came back a few years or so ago, that they would dump on Paladins as much as they can. They started with Legion/BFA and continue to influence the decisions made against Paladins in classic.

Also, stealth nerfs were quite common back in the day, so seeing them do it again is no surprise, even if they alter the mechanics of the whole game, just to mess with one class.

Nothing was nerfed, you just don’t like the answers.

I agree diamond flask shouldnt be nerfed