Problems that affect classic wow pvp

Character: Exodiamaster
Realm: Yojamba


Why would a mob not get out of combat on me when every other mob does?
Know what I mean?

Also thank you for fixing the underwater spirit mode bug I listed.

You are the best Blizzard


Its a nice compliment but i don’t think they read things in this shadowy section of the forum :(.

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:frowning: /hug /hug

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I support this fix

Thank you my gnomey friend :slight_smile:

I just hope they can make fixes that were true to vanilla. I have evidence from late 2006 for spam sitting.

Blessing of sanctuary says it reduces ALL sources of damage and blessing of protection removes the damage from crystal of zin-malor. Why why why? Wouldnt blessing of sanctuary reduce its damage then wow devs??? Its contradictory to the game.

And skullflame shields lifedrain. I dont understand. Its not a block effect its a struck in combat effect like skullflame shields flamestrike or mark of the chosen.

And when anvilrage overseer is the only bugged npc on the planet its pretty hard for me to look at the shield or the crystal or the spam sitting as intended bugs.

Maybe there are other spell batched affected bugs that were really there back then that cant be removed because spell batching exists but these I cannot understand why they should remain. And I mean its almost phase 5. You know?