Sit/Stand spam

As heavily discussed in another thread, id like to report that sit/stand spamming is still proccing crit reactive abilities.

Any further information about whether this is intended gameplay, creative use of game mechanics, or exploiting would be greatly appreciated.

Id hate anybody to get a ban for reproducing the outcomes.

it is intended, it is a legit strat for warriors to proc blood frenzy and what not

So in the ‘not a bug’ thread at the top of this page, crit reactive procs will NOT proc from sit, is incorect?

That’s a private server thing, the original way it works is that when you are sitting you will receive double damage, the combat log shows a crit.

Only if timed correctly on classic can you stand as you get hit and receive this fake crit, that will proc crit abilities, and is in fact a bug, some streamers got it to sort of work so it needs to be looked at. Spell batching probably?

“Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.”

Just go read the comments, watch the vids, and tell me it isnt working.

I tested it, and it works if you time it correctly, this bug needs to be fixed.
streamable com/h3gvv
Can’t post a direct link to it.

Thank you. So many people are telling me this is intended gameplay and not a bug.

This makes me wonder if it can work on potions if you time it right… since potions are considered physical type.