/sit enrage still works according to a streamer

That’s gonna be some damn awkward gameplay.

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It did work due to how spell batching worked. Was it supposed to work? No. Did it anyways? Yes.

not originally in vanilla. Those are pservers.

does it work now. yes. it’s a bug/exploit.

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Bot’s were always against ToS, game mechanics that did not work 100% are perfectly legal.

Tell me, after I prove you’re wrong on this topic (like I’ve done so many others)–will you leave this topic without a trace or will you finally admit you have no idea what you’re talking about?


Rhetorical question, I assume.

Such a heavily used word. What is an exploit? If it was in the original game and is now in Classic that isn’t an exploit though. It should be exactly the same. You might not like it and it might be considered broken. However even if something isn’t balanced and broken it doesn’t make it an exploit. Call it like it is which is a feature.

Any feature in the original should be in Classic. That isn’t an exploit.

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I’m going to have to dig up some sort of video evidence, because it seems like no one really knows, or can prove, if this was in vanilla or not.

I can find any, but I believe it was possible. I had always heard it was how the guy built up Reckoning to one-shot Doom Lord Kazzak.

I take it I don’t even need to post evidence to get you to buzz off from the topic. How pathetic.



I’d define an exploit as an interaction that was firstly not intended by developers but also unwanted by them as well.

In the linked thread they say that crits on sitting targets do not proc these affects. With that in mind, blizzard consciously made the decision to prevent this interaction. Trying to trick the game further to still get enrage procs from sit crits is likely STILL going against blizzard’s wishes, and should by all means be considered an exploit. It doesn’t matter how you cheat, you’re still cheating, no matter how much you try to pretty it up.


There we go, that’s proof to me. On private servers, you just need to sit and be hit, no need to trick the batching into thinking you were standing when you got crit.


are you gonna at like a grown up or a little child is the question?

devs have literally said…that sit criting was a bug on pservers.

crit siting to proc abilities never once…ever…in the entire time vanilla was around happened. only place they happened was on pservers.

its a bug due to the new batching.

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It just got real.

Go watch the youtube video I linked. Peace out, kiddo.

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so you post a video of someone on a pserver. gg.

try harder.


Nah, dude.

The bug on private servers is that you sit, and gain the effect from being crit while sitting.

Spell batching lets you have a mob queue up an attack on you and stand up in the same batch, which makes the game see you getting crit while standing which is the criteria for proccing effects like Enrage and Reckoning.

Spell batching is working as intended.

Private server videos from 2006, damn, this guy was cutting edge.


Published on Aug 8, 2006


Post Date: August 8, 2006.



pretty sure it’s not. devs dont want interaction like this in the game. crit sitting isn’t intended