Sindragosa Ice Tomb LOS

On WOTLK classic PTR.
My guild was working on Sindragosa and we were using the strat where ice tomb is dropped in melee range in P2 and meleeing the boss at all broke the LOS behind the ice tomb and no one was able to reset Mythic Buffet stacks behind the ice tomb

This is how Line of Sight works with temporary objects like ice blocks and is not a bug. You must turn off your auto attack if the Ice Block is close enough to the boss for you to melee, or it will not block LoS.

The original intent is to prevent situations where you’d get behind an iceblock in melee but still be able to hit the boss while in safety. As a result, if you are near an ice block and are attacking a creature, the iceblock won’t block LoS. This has functioned this way since Sapphiron from original World of Warcraft in 2006.

Hope that helps!


Sounds like a bug that should be fixed because it makes zero sense to work this way. You are behind - you are in LOS period.

For example on retail wow in NL on last boss you can hide behind the rock and attack boss and don’t take damage from is AOE, in HOI 3rd boss you can hide behind Ice block and attack the boss and don’t take damage. So why doesn’t it work the same in legacy content?

It is like this on Sapphiron in naxx40/25 as well, it is normal intended behavior as the blue post states. It’s not a bug.

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It doesn’t work this way on retail wow on multiple bosses so this is definitely a gemebreaking bug that must be fixed.

This isn’t retail.


Doesn’t mean it should not work the same as on retail for sake of consistency. Being in LOS and take damage makes zero sense no matter what…

Retail ≠ Classic

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Common sense > Classic.

Making sense does not get priority over intended mechanics.


You can keep complaining until you are blue in the face, it’s not a bug, it won’t be changed. It’s not hard to stop autoattacking.

Intended → you are behind in LOS → you take no damage. Being able to attack has nothing to do with it. So it doesn’t work as intended at all right now as it doesn’t protect you from taking damage.

It protects you from damage as long as you’re not attacking :slight_smile:

It should protect you no matter if you are attacking or not. Period. This is only intended behavior.

If you can attack through LoS then it isn’t LoS now is it?


Its also intended that it doesn’t protect you if you’re attempting to cheese it by attacking through solid cover.

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This is typical case of Blizzard dev not understanding theirs own game…

Gee. I wonder who is right.



Customer is always right.

This was the same case on Chromaggus in BWL when you LOSd in the cubby, if you kept auto attacking you werent’ LOS. Otherwise we could just stand in the cubby the whole time and not care about mechanics.