Sindragosa Ice Tomb LOS

I’m the customer and i say you are wrong :person_shrugging:

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This is just how Classic worked back then. They’ve committed pretty hard to making the systems work just how they did back then, even if Retail versions of the mechanics work differently.

They seem to understand the game better than you.

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They obviously don’t because they call bug a “feature”…

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They have fixed a lot of bugs and many things work differently in current classic, so I don’t see why this should not be fixed as well…

Because it’s not a bug… :man_facepalming:

And in those cases, they cited original developer intent regarding what they changed (Like how Valanyr’s overheal was originally capped at 200k, but an old code comment said it was supposed to be 20k).

In this case,

Everything is working according to original intent.

It is obviously a bug as being behind LOS doesn’t save you from taking damage.

There are multiple possible solutions for a single intent. They could instead disable your auto attacks while out of LoS. It’d be a more natural way to accomplish the same goal, but I’m guessing there were technical constraints in 2005.

“Someone made the choice for this to be how it works, so it’s a design decision not a bug”. I’ve launched features with bugs that we decided were lesser of evils too, but they’re still bugs.

Your user base doesn’t care if it was designed that way, it has always and will always feel like both a bug and a terrible solution to keep it in. It felt terrible on saph and will feel terrible here too. Leave it or don’t it doesn’t matter tbh, there are plenty of unfixed bugs in icc that need your dev time.