Since there’s a 30 per day limit

Eh, TBC introduced daily quests and has kept the limited reputation model ever since. Some reps could be grinded in instances or w/e, but unless I missed them deviating from that in Legion and BfA, it is an odd thing to complain about.

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Most grinds are like, 20% a week, 2% a day and .02%/hr grindable if you want to put in more time on one specific thing.

WotLK had rep tabards that allowed you to farm any rep to your heart’s content by running dungeons.

Are you suggesting that after a certain amount of time, a game is immune to or above criticisms? Should nobody be allowed to criticize BFA because they didn’t play WoW for the past 10 years? Is it impossible for BFA to do something poorly because WoW has had such a long lifespan? What is your stance on criticizing WoW?

And daily quests that gated other reps, as well as raid specific reps that were gated behind lock outs.

Griping about this issue is not the same thing about griping about any issue.

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What issue? Time gating rep grinds? Why not? Why is locking rep grinds behind time gates above criticism?

It isn’t above criticism, it is just a silly criticism since the introduction of time gated reputation grinds was introduced in TBC and has been the model ever since. Might as well criticize the “issue” of Bear Druids being successful Tanks or Power Word: Shield existing.

Oh and if we’re going to be super specific about it, time gated reputations exist right now as they relate to raid lockouts. It isn’t like Hydraxxian Waterlords gets you anything useful aside from Quintessence, but it is there.

And if your gripe is “I can do what I want with my time!” then you need to play something else. Blizzard has been herding and nannying players forever, they aren’t going to stop now.

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You could grind rep to your heart’s content in TBC. You had to grind rep for attunements. Just because there is time gated content that awards rep doesn’t mean that the rep is time gated. There are other ways to farm Hydraxxian rep outside of MC. You can grind away at Cenarion rep right now as well. It’s very slow, but it can be done.


If the only source of rep is time gated, the rep is time gated, whether that source of rep is from killing particular enemies in a raid once a week or doing quests once a day.

Hydraxxian rep stops at Revered unless you kill MC bosses, so it is time gated.


  • Netherwing was entirely daily gated but for the rare eggs you could find.
  • Violet Eye was Karazhan only, so time gated
  • Scale of the Sands was Hyjal only, so time gated
  • Ashtongue Deathsworn was BT only, so time gated

This trend continues into Wrath where instead of having to do a specific dungeon for rep like in TBC, you can slap on a tabard and run ANY dungeon, but we still had raid specific restrictions, plus daily quests for reps that only come from daily quests. Cata continued this and onward, with MoP having some of the most gated content with dailies locked behind OTHER daily-only reputation grinds.

This is simply how it has been.

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That’s three factions our of a myriad.

What I was saying is that while the reps have time gated content that speeds up the grind, there are slower grinds with no time gates in addition to dailies.

Or they could just like… you know… admit the 30 instance cap was a mistake and remove it so the game still functions the way it did in vanilla.

They promised to not make changes like this and they promised to listen to the community. This change followed by not reversing it makes both of those things a lie. Certain things like layering make sense from a logistical standpoint and wanting more people to be able to play the game, the instance limit is a gameplay change that goes against a core part of why Vanilla was so much fun.

It’s literally insane that it hasn’t been reverted yet.

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And yet those three factions carry with them rather significant and necessary equipment rewards. After TBC, the zone-reputations only really dictated who you went for first by looking at the unique enchants you’d be using for your role. By the time Mists rolled in, almost all non-raid content was gated behind dailies and only dailies. The trend since Vanilla has been to remove the “grind-or-die” options in favor of pre-selected chunks.

More reputations than not, particularly those with any significantly useful rewards, were and are time-gated. So many reputations are exclusively so.

Having not played in 10 years I can see why the current Here-Are-Your-Chores daily missions is a big change, but this was in the works as early as TBC. Wrath probably had the most mindless grinding since you could just slap on a tabard and spam LFG sitting in Dalaran, which is why they went back to heavier daily quest requirements in Cata/MoP and onward.

But time-gated content, whether its raid progression from tier to tier, raid progression within a tier, reputation grinds, currency grinds, etc, is the model Blizzard has stuck to for over a decade.

Unless it says somewhere in the EULA that whatever you type after the above quoted words is actually guaranteed, then Blizzard promised you nothing. A promise isn’t a promise if you don’t have to keep it.

A lot of those rep farms can be cheesed on trash for rep, which respawn.

I remember doing trash runs for 0.5-1 hour a day with my guild at the time for 2-3 days of the week, then we would do the raid night itself.

So even those were not truely stuck behind the weekly lockout.

But the important thing is this is classic, which is supposed to follow vanilla design goals and experience.

So the 30/day limit goes directly against it. The 5/day was part of vanilla. So having the 30/day is just bad for classic.

Sure, but that doesn’t negate the other points about daily-only reps, or the fact that MC rep can’t be earned outside of boss kills past revered.

Not entirely true, if you do none of the MC quests that give rep until that point they will still give rep.

Just saying there are ways around it.

Not to hit Exalted… now you’re just being really really silly

I’m not saying the quests themselves will get you exalted, but it’s a way to get rep past revered and speed up the process when at the exalted.

Which still makes the rep time-gated…

But far less than before if you know what your doing. Also raid based time gating isn’t much of an issue as people will do it weekly with their guild and enjoy the act itself while getting other meaningful rewards (for current content) such as gear, crafting materials, exc.

Even now with BWL out a lot of stuff from MC is still being used, a lot of loot still needed, exc.

The problem is not raid reputation being time gated it’s when other aspects are forcefully time gamegated just for the sake of making players play daily (not weekly)

Raiding is “forcefully time gated” so I’m not sure why the distinction makes any difference.

This isn’t a new thing and hasn’t been since forever.