Since there’s a 30 per day limit

Can we just remove the 5/hour lockout? It’s already daily capped so why not just let people hit the limit if they can under 5 hours anyway. Having both doesn’t seem to have a purpose now.


This, so much this!

Remove the instance limit and remove the 5/hour lockout as well. If boosting is a problem, address xp gains in raid content, because why is a raid still granting copious xp to players, and address xp gains in dungeon content when a 60 kills everything in a couple pulls.

If the issue is bots farming instances, then moderate the game. Hired a team to look into players who have spent the past month inside of strat seemingly without sleeping.

If you think it’s an issue to let players play the game in a way that spams dungeons for hours, then you’re wrong. Let them play the game. What kind of backwards logic is it to gatekeep how much players can play the game being sold as a solution to botting? Blizzard has effectively reduced how much game legit players can play because they want to be lazy about moderating bots.

I can forgive a slap in the face.
I can even overlook spit in my eye if you give me enough time.
Don’t break my legs and then ask for a thank you.

The instance limit is a joke and nobody should let the issue die.


All I really want is hoj for warrior and single boss hits cap so fast plus the daily lock limits so much anyway.

Perhaps you should investigate the original intent of the 5/hour limit.


Any warrior that farmed both HoJ and SGC sees posts by scrubs mocking them about “is 6 hours of dungeons each day not enough for you lol” and is filled with frustration and disgust. It’s not enough time to farm these items. Before anyone asks if it’s worth the grind, remember that neither drop gets replaced until you’re clearing AQ40. I don’t shame any warriors for ignoring these items post instance cap change.

It reminds me of the month I played of BFA after a 10 year hiatus from the game. I found out about pathfinder and I set out to get the reps so I could fly around only to discover that my rep per day was gated. I wasn’t allowed to farm rep, I had to postpone my selected in game goal and come back again tomorrow to progress it. Blizzard, stop it. Nobody likes this gated garbage gameplay. People abandoned retail to play classic to escape from your trash content designs. Do not muddy classic with your bad ideas; with your proven to be failures ideas. Take a hint. Take a look at what players choose to do and what they tell you as directly as they can instead of taking every opportunity to ruin WoW.


This! This 1000x! PvP was loaded with afkers, bots, and all kinds of gold buying. Nope. Thats cool. Continue playing.
Run too many dungeons? Oh noes. We have to fix this but let’s fix it so the RMT’ERS give blizz more money! Bobby approves.

That’s just it though. This “fix” does not stop RMT’ERS because all they do is add more accounts to their overhead. Then charge more for their gold. The RMT’ERS pass this “punishment” onto their whale customers. The whales don’t care. They just want their epeen boost.

You’re my write in vote for November!

It was not sold as a solution to botting.

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Yes it was. Read the blue post again.

If it’s not an outright lie, then it’s pure delusion.

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I do not see the word botting in there. Blizzard may very well consider excessive use of instance reseting as exploitative.


The 5/hour didn’t work. The 30/day isn’t working. All I’m asking inside the confines of the stupid system they made is to let me cap in 2 hours instead of 6. That account is still locked out. Farmers will get their sellables regardless of the limits. I’d think as a Druid you’d be happy not having to spend 6 hours of lockouts your get your consumes if you play feral. Or do you not bother with those?

Yes you do.

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Still waiting for you to cite where blizzard sold this as the solution to botting, and only botting.

Perhaps the word “and” threw you off.

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The 5/hr worked for what it was originally intended for: cutting down on the number of concurrent dungeon instances putting a strain on the system. The 30/24 is fine as is, and as blizzard explained, is relative to the 5/hr cap.

Just because you do not like it does not mean it is not working.

30 instance runs a day, 5 per hour is not remotely a heavy cross to bear. (pun intended) At 33% drop rate that would average out at 70 MCPs a week. Sorry, but using feral druids as a victim is disingenuous as all hell. Not all of us are looking to parse on every trash mob that we tag. Dig this: some of us do not chase parses whatsoever, but rather enjoy using all of our bells and whistles, as the earth mother intended. Are you picking up what I am laying down?

That is a citation. Your reading comprehension fails. It says exploitative AND automated gameplay. They did not say exploitative OR automated gameplay. Therefore, the instance limit is enacted to directly combat botting. It was sold as a solution to botting.


Eliminating exploitative and automated gameplay?
This 30/day change hasn’t stopped bots.
And instead of making solid changes to ACTUALLY remove the exploitative gameplay entirely from dungeon farming (which can be done quite easily), Blizzard has done 1/4 of a job and made it so we can still “exploit” the game, but only 1/4th as much. So exploitative gameplay 24 hours a day is not okay, but 6 hours a day is completely fine? Smh.

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Your semantics gymnastics are tiresome.

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The exploitative behavior could be based on frequency, not the actual act itself.

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I hope this is just trolling. You’ve been given the citation. You’ve had the citation explained to you. You’ve persisted that the instance cap is not related to measures taken against botting. Now you have the gall to chastise someone for arguing semantics. What is wrong with your brain? How do you manage to hold normal conversations when you’re willing to jump through so many hoops to ignore that you’re wrong? Unreal.

You’re a joke, my dude.


I did no such thing. I refuted your claim that it was “sold as a solution to botting”. I explained that is was not a “solution” by pointing out the rest of that sentence, the part where it states “part of ongoing efforts to eliminate”.
Part of ongoing efforts =/= the entire solution.

I bolded the part about “exploitative”, showing the it was not JUST botting it was part of ongoing efforts to eliminate. But hey, keep pretending that the change is just about botting and that the change was “sold as a solution”.

I love when you lot resort to insults.