Since there’s a 30 per day limit

Wrap your head around this:

The big cat and the fat cat.
The big and fat cat.

The exploitative gameplay and the automated gameplay.
The exploitative and automated gameplay.

Do you see how the meaning changes because of the noun placement? You’re embarrassing.



If you chop out the entire post and leave only the insults, then yeah great point.

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Blizzard never says exactly why, they use the exact language from the ToS which is itself vague. Any mechanic that allows you to defeat mobs or bosses by using ledges and or pathing is exploitive. Bots and boosters used these exploits to defeat the dungeons not as intended. If you outgear a dungeon and aoe down a bunch of mobs, that’s not exploitive. If you jump on a ledge to reset or force the mobs to path differently, that’s exploitive. Vanilla was v1 of a game that was more polished in v2, tbc.

Pirate server players found every exploit in all the dungeons to defeat mechanics as a solo player. Blizzard doesn’t seem interested or capable of physically patching the terrain. They are leaving them in, but limiting how often you can do it with the caps. Unfortunately the pirate server players who made you tube videos on how to defeat mechanics with exploits, caused a cap on all dungeons, because blizz isn’t going to patch the terrain.

Who knows, maybe blizzard was referring to the botting as exploitative AND automated. You can only assume the actual meaning. You won’t know for sure without clarification.

Blizzard has defined exploits as cheating in multiple threads. Fly hacking, clipping, speed hacking, automated gameplay etc. Playing the game a lot (even in dungeons) is not an exploit.



Seems pretty clear to me.


I’m not a fan of people cheesing dungeons to get RTVs, but the OP makes a great point. Just let people hit the 30 per day cap as fast as they want to.

Again, if the 5/hr coupled with 30/24 is what is set up, naturally spreading out instance runs rather than allowing them all to be clumped into a short play session, to what benefit to blizzard, the economy, and gameplay of the average player, is there to remove the 5/hr cap?

The OP does NOT make a great point. The OP just wants to be able to cheese instance resets at a higher frequency.

Make the instances harder if you don’t want them to be cheesed. You are basically telling people to play inefficiently. If your advice is to not cheese it the just put all boomkins in party and see how that goes. Ur what tell them they can only wear white and grey gear. As a matter of fact, just make em go naked. That way we can scoff at the ability to Cheese instances.

You want to know what the benefit to blizzard is? Not having so many people in capital cities that it stresses the servers. Not everyone has herbing and we certainly don’t want to inhibit your herb route. Another benefit to blizzard is that people won’t be constantly retrying to enter instances. Once they hit 30 they are done. In bed you can stretch arena runs with anger and golem and still be locked out. Once at the 5 cap you’ll continue to go in until you are unlocked… there is no timer.

How about this. let them track their instances? No? Then you just like having this update in the first place out of spite.

How are you this lacking in brain matter. What do you think they mean by automated gameplay?

Everyone on this forum would be better off just not reading anything misadventure has to say lol. The dude donated his grey matter.

Welcome to reputation farming since TBC… enjoy!

But seriously, how silly do you have to be to take a decade break and then gripe about a decade worth of changes and iteration?

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Retail sucks hard he had every right to be disgusted.

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Eh, TBC introduced daily quests and has kept the limited reputation model ever since. Some reps could be grinded in instances or w/e, but unless I missed them deviating from that in Legion and BfA, it is an odd thing to complain about.

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Most grinds are like, 20% a week, 2% a day and .02%/hr grindable if you want to put in more time on one specific thing.

WotLK had rep tabards that allowed you to farm any rep to your heart’s content by running dungeons.

Are you suggesting that after a certain amount of time, a game is immune to or above criticisms? Should nobody be allowed to criticize BFA because they didn’t play WoW for the past 10 years? Is it impossible for BFA to do something poorly because WoW has had such a long lifespan? What is your stance on criticizing WoW?

And daily quests that gated other reps, as well as raid specific reps that were gated behind lock outs.

Griping about this issue is not the same thing about griping about any issue.

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What issue? Time gating rep grinds? Why not? Why is locking rep grinds behind time gates above criticism?

It isn’t above criticism, it is just a silly criticism since the introduction of time gated reputation grinds was introduced in TBC and has been the model ever since. Might as well criticize the “issue” of Bear Druids being successful Tanks or Power Word: Shield existing.

Oh and if we’re going to be super specific about it, time gated reputations exist right now as they relate to raid lockouts. It isn’t like Hydraxxian Waterlords gets you anything useful aside from Quintessence, but it is there.

And if your gripe is “I can do what I want with my time!” then you need to play something else. Blizzard has been herding and nannying players forever, they aren’t going to stop now.

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You could grind rep to your heart’s content in TBC. You had to grind rep for attunements. Just because there is time gated content that awards rep doesn’t mean that the rep is time gated. There are other ways to farm Hydraxxian rep outside of MC. You can grind away at Cenarion rep right now as well. It’s very slow, but it can be done.