Since Hunter Pets Are Being Greatly Expanded

Sweet thank god. What do we cuurrently have like 50?

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I have always thought that Warlocks should be able to tame demons found in the wild, just like a hunter can tame beasts.


I think the fundamental difference is that warlock minions are enslaved sentient beings, rather than tamed pets. So it would make more sense (to me, at least) for them to get different ones through special quests or something.

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Well yes but… no…

Nah we just need glyphs.

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You can enslave them for a time or was that removed?

Either way sure more skins for lock demons wish some of the current ones where easier to get.

Hmm rp demon summining gone wrong lol.

They literally do.

Unless they nerfed spirit mend in SL it makes no difference how many pets they add because 50% of all hunters will be running around with loque, skoll, or hati

surprisingly yes

Yeah…it would be nice if we could at least train pets to have the desired active ability.

Yes, depending on the Warlock spec, you can enslave demons for a short while. However, what I would like to see is Warlocks have the ability to “tame” and stable wild demons just like a hunter can tame beasts and stable their pets. The mechanics are already in the game so I would think it should be an easy option.

Why not enslave it and learn a tmog style skin or enslaving it mails you a glyph for the appearence.

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Nah we just need more glyphs and I don’t say that just because I have a warlock with inscription… Rather glyphs will just be easier.

Last thing we want is more Hunter-Like Drama of ppl trying to tame a World Boss and people killed it etc.

In any event glyphs are more like contracts which we make with the demons so instead of a Sucubus I will summon a Shivara etc will have the same abilities so on and so forth.

Think of the poor inscriptionists who will lose revenue.

They have revenue?

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My solution for warlock pet skins.

Create a farmable rep based item in a new faction that gives something like lockbox. They can farm lock boxes and buy keys through rep items picked up from kills related to the faction.

Then you just populate like 150 unique demon skins that can be applied through a stable master type deal. Each lockbox opened just randomly gives a skin. You then tie achievments to it like pet battles for number collected.

The hard core can collect them all and others can ignore it entirely.

Barely any revenue… but still none the less revenue.

It’s not enslavement, just aggressive contract negotiation.


Incubus skin please


Holds rifle to goblins head sign on the dotted line please.

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Depends on the demon. Ya aside from the ones we have a contract with like our imps and succubus’s others are… forcefully bound.

Or we go out like Wilfred Fizzlebang Master and Zelifrax Wobblepox Summoners! (I love the Jaraxus Heathstone Card Toy!)

The moment we have an actual incubus in the game is the moment we will get a glyph for it.