Since Hunter Pets Are Being Greatly Expanded

Shadowlands is giving Hunters pretty much anything that could be reasonably considered an animal, like stone worms, skeleton dogs, horses, alpacas, pigs, giraffes, etc.

And that’s great.

But since Hunters are getting so many new pet skins, any change you could throw Warlocks a bone too and give us more Warlock pet skins as well? :smiley:


Honestly, I would rather get back the special talents our old hunter pets had. It was nicer to bring something to the dungeon or raid that gave everyone a buff or a special skill. Seriously, if you want a fluffy bunny just bring out your companion or battle pet.


Let warlocks have all the fun that hunters do and allow them to chase down and tame rare pets. Challenge tames for locks would be amazing!


First Warlock challenge pet: Speed Demons… good luck with that one!


Demon hunters ought to be tamable. Since they are part demon now warlocks must be able to bind them to serve. It’s an option!


And they should give you Metamorphosis back while they’re at it. Especially now that they can’t rationalize that the mechanic is with Voidform.

They are not prepared!

But warlocks could only take over the demon part. So the demon hunter keeps running around and the warlock is like, talking to them from inside.

If you only have one pet out, or talented two, what difference does it really make?

The difference is choice.


Wait a second, a Mortis thread :slight_smile:

Or a tank that can actually tank
Or an incubus that Blizz said they were working on YEARS AGO


We do desperately need new Demon Glyphs. Maybe adding an infernal glyph to use on the Voidwalker and a doomwalker one for imp, I miss the old supremecy talent from legion and having an infernal or doomguard as my pet </3

Just because its a Mortis thread doesn’t mean it isn’t one that shouldn’t be taken seriously!

Hunters got new pet models.

Warlocks got actual mechanical upgrades, talents redesigns and their feedback heard by blizzard.

Wanna trade? <3

“LIghten up, Francis”. I was only surprised to see him back, he was missing for a long while and I thought he moved on.

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It cuts the main pet’s DPS by half, which if it’s something like a tenacity or cunning pet makes the main pet damage abyssmal… which is why I always place the cunning pet as the secondary summons in stables.

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All pet families have the same dps in BfA.

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Hunters need more stable space. Or a tmog system for our pets. Been outa stsble space on kak for years.

Hunters are getting 200 slots in Shadowlands. Or something like that.

Wish granted.

(now, back to the poor warlocks …)

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