Since blizzard is balancing pvp

Since Blizzard is taking steps to balance PVP can we discuss horde racials compared to Alliance racials. No changes is out the window so why not give humans their tbc racial to even the playing field.

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not a change… but an adjustement

Character name checks out.


Yes adding game feature from version 2.x into Classic is an adjustment…

Checked your parses… that’s my insult

  1. I don’t care about parsing
  2. I’m WC Mage, If i’m parsing high, my other mages suck. :’)
  3. if i’m not the WC mage, I’m one of the prios on decursing.
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Sounds like a lot of excuses as to why your not good at this game. But most understand why your really rank 45756 in MC

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If you think class balance changes are going to come to Classic, I have a bridge in the maelstrom I would like to sell you.

I’m not the one stamping his feet around because your premades are being squelched, and your pve race is ending in a pvp battleground.

When you try and insult me, it won’t work. Only makes you look more pathetic trying to prove somehow that your existence is relevant in a game.


Did they not just change classic due to complaints on the forum? It’s clear crying gets the job done


Is it a “surgical adjustment” tho?

Of course they did, that’s how BGs came out early so you’d stop crying about World pvp


No one stamping their feet I just mentioned your parses than you wrote a book. Whose mad?




Because then they’d just ask for Warmode to avoid PVP anyway.

I wrote a book? really has the zerg mentality really affected your brain, where you can’t read 2 sentences?



Your tears must be much bigger then this. And constant for weeks.


My maths are only basic, but me thinks it’s more than 2…but ok…

Premades wont end. They will adapt.

Sorry 3, is that any better?

Still a short attention span.