Silver Circle ⸰☽◯☾⸰ Night Elf RP

(Thinius) #22

Illthanyn is one of the best holidays we host, and a tribute to the Winter Solstice and longest night of the year. Check out our guild calendar if you’re interested!

And like Shaur said, don’t forget to bring an icebreaker gift for the gift exchange.

(Elliistra) #23

If you bring a gift, make sure it’s something that can be wrapped! It’s no fun to know what you’re exchanging right away!

(Feyawen) #24

Big thanks to all the old friends and fresh faces that came out to join the fun of Illthanyn tonight. You all looked lovely in your silvery transmogs! I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts as well!

(Thinius) #25

The drums of war thunder again! Waiting for the servers to go up again, then Operation Night Warrior is a go!

(Feyawen) #26

Tides of Vengeance

War erupts in Darkshore once more as the Horde and Alliance clash on the battlefields in a growing dispute destined to prelude an even greater conflict. Called to aid on the warfront, the Silver Circle undertake dangerous missions to aid the High Priestess and her forces, and combat the Horde in a bloody effort to reclaim their lands.

For Teldrassil, for the kaldorei!
For the Goddess!
Ana’duna thera!

Silver Circle’s 8.1 campaign continues tomorrow night! Happy Horde hunting, shan’are!

LF Kaldorei Guild

Elune’s blessings upon the Silver Circle and it’s allies.

(Feyawen) #28

And upon you, Sister Moonwater. :crescent_moon: :heart:

(Thinius) #29

A happy winter solstice and full moon to you all! Have a very merry Winter’s Veil!

(Shaureyne) #30

From all of us in the Silver Circle, we hope that everyone is having a wonderful Winter Veil and that the new year treats you right! I personally can’t wait for the next Lunar Festival. :last_quarter_moon_with_face: :star: :izakaya_lantern:

(Kalad) #31

Hey get bumped

Also, some new events have been set up! So check on the site calendar for more info.

(Thinius) #32

Recruitment is reopening soon, with a few changes to our process! Keep an eye out or come tag along to our events if you might be interested in joining us!

(Feyawen) #33


We will be updating this thread to reflect changes in our recruitment process at the end of January. :sunglasses:

(Mato) #34

New recruits are required to wear nice shoes.

You will be judged.


Is recruitment going to be open soon? If so I would love to join! Been waiting a while and I can’t wait! :smile:

(Feyawen) #36

Ishnu’alah @Cellauyia!

It will be, and our recruitment process will be changing soon as well. In the meantime, please feel free to attend some of our events if you’re able. It will help you get to know us! We’re hosting a few campaign events this week, and on Thursday we have a fun OOC Moonball game we’ll be hosting at 6pm server in Moonglade to play test in preparation for future tournaments. The Dazzling Rod toy is required to play Moonball, and if you need help getting it just let someone know and we’ll help you out!

(Thinius) #37

We would love to meet you and your character! Come flex with us on the Horde! :muscle:

(Feyawen) #38

We are hosting OOC Moonball games tonight in Moonglade at 6:00pm server time to determine how we will organize our soon-to-be seasonal tournaments. Afterwards, we will run a preliminary OOC Dragon Parade in preparation for the big Lunar Festival holiday event! PM Feyawen if you’re interested in coming along - invites are open!


This looks fantastic! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on recruitment status. :crescent_moon: :sparkles:

(Feyawen) #40

We have opened our doors once more, but with a few updates to our recruitment policy. We’re no longer accepting applications. Instead, we’ve opted to transition to invite-only. This means we will extend invitations to people who are interested in joining but who have also taken the time to get to know us. We’ve created introductory prompts for people who are looking to get their foot in the door, and welcome interested players to browse our upcoming events or poke any of us online for some RP or even PvX. We look forward to playing WoW with you!


Hello! Cellauyia here! Sorry I haven’t been replying lately, I’ve been very sick. But I’m hoping to join this time around, though I would love to join in on any events this week and also get to know you guys, can’t wait! :smiley: