LF Kaldorei Guild

(Konstantinós) #1

Hello all. I am looking for a Kaldorei guild for my Night Elf Druid Main to join. I really want to immerse him in the Kaldorei Mythos. My RP time is limited to a couple of nights a week mostly, but I can also do some spontaneous RP when I am online. I have ran guilds for a long time, but I don’t want that responsibility anymore. So if anyone is interested in having me, let me know. Thanks. :elf:

(Mahoodle) #2

There’s quite a few Kaldorei guilds here! I can name Silver Circle, Wings of Kalimdor, Moonshroud Covenant to name a few on the top of my head. But there’s a lot more that I might not know about!

(Thinius) #3

There are a lot of options depending on what you’re looking for.

Heavy Kaldorei themed RP guilds include

Medium RP guilds include

They are all grand, and it will come down to whichever theme you prefer and what group you enjoy engaging with. To my knowledge, all of them welcome new players to their events to sample their RP.

(Iyora) #4

If you’d like to scout out the Kaldorei RP scene, Moonglaive Sentinels is hosting their anniversary events tonight and tomorrow night (14th, and the 15th) in Moonglade. Tonight is their Winter Solstice ritual and tomorrow their Fireworks finale which is open to everyone so you can show up if your time permits and mingle or lurk as other NE guilds do show up for you to check out. Both will start at 5PM server time. Just whisper myself or Adellwyna for an invite. Happy hunting for a new home!

(Konstantinós) #5

Arent the Sentinels a Female character only guild?

(Iyora) #6

Yes, Sentinel is female only, but there are other NE guilds that show up to our larger events and I thought you might be able to meet them then. It was just an suggestion. :slight_smile:

(Feyawen) #7

Ishnu’alah Konstantinos!

I also highly recommend joining the Kaldorei of WRA Discord server. There, you can meet various night elf roleplayers and browse the guild listings. Contact Quorala, Naelir, Elliistra, Shaureyne or Isuldien in-game for an invite.


I’ll chime in here.

Kalimdor Collective is a Kalimdor based guild with a bit looser membership restrictions. We do a bit of adventuring RP (non military) with some regular pve, and the occasional pvp.

Feel free to contact myself or any other of our members in game for more information!


If you’re into smaller guilds, one that is currently doing casual RP and notifications via Discord (as it’s the holidays and many people are busy right now, so it’s always best to see who’s around via an app on your phone than logging in all the time :D), the <Falah’dure> is always around.


Most of us in KotM are working adults and college students, so we get having a limited amount of time for RP. (I know I’m late to the discussion, but I don’t often post on this character anymore).