Sign Up Now For AWC and MDI Competitive Play

Free Agents who are not part of a team will not receive Tournament Realm access by default.

That’s pretty dumb, cause how are people supposed to test the waters if they don’t have access to the free agents for demo games?

And, I could probably ride that billet, but the time difference would be murder.

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TBH chances of a non organized teaming making it further than maybe a few rounds would low. Like it would be some seriously underdog story for a random group of people put together to make it to regionals let alone at Blizzcon.

Playing shadowcleave back in the OG AWC we were in good standing to do so if our DK didn’t F us over and make us spam games to qual 200 plays.

It is possible I suppose that individual skills in Arena could get people through quite a bit. I think for MDI it would be tough because it is a lot about memorizing what everyone is going to do and having that baked in. Like if you don’t practice with the people in your team then it would be a lot of confusion. And it is a matter of seconds in some of these races.

ooo look a another Blue Post. Will it have lag galore like the rest of the game will they get dc’ed half way through? Damn this is so important but not the actual game. Sorry have to decline I’m busy trying to log into the game or waiting for the lag to end. Maybe next time if this game is working like it should. GL to those lucky enough to participate.

I agree hopefully we see more mega dungeons in Sl expansion and less Mythic+.

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Should be random teams, random classes, random gear. Handpicked is boring.

Please disable/ban double stacking class, otherwise it will always be Prot Druid 2 Outlaw and 1 other dude.

It’s a speedrun competition like someone beating Mario in world record time.

Maybe fun to watch if you’re into that kind of thing.

I suppose if a foot race is a sport then M+ is an “esport,” but it’s probably not appealing to the audience that Blizzard thinks it is.