Sign Up Now For AWC and MDI Competitive Play

No one cares about this content anymore. Why all the fuss for 25k viewers for the MDI and 13k-14k for the AWC? There are channels on Twitch that get triple the viewers playing Minecraft lol!!!

Stop trying to design an immersive MMO around e-sports, they just don’t fit together.


I think you are confused on what “invitational” means.

Unless Blizzard is planning on telling people “no”.

MDI is not world first raiding. I think this last year was the first time they won it. 2018 was Kjell’s Angels. 2017 was Honestly and Free Marsy.


I’d watch that.

So who is supplying the prize pool this time?

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So when exactly do the tournament realms open after you’ve signed up your team on the battlefy website?

What’s the point of watching a tournament that has had the same 4-5 teams since Cataclysm?

Not sure. But thankfully that isn’t the case here.

eSports ruin everything.


It would be nice if you stopped requiring full teams to sign up, so that those of us who don’t have a regular team can PUG a team and try our luck. When the first Wrath AWC popped up I pugged a team and we would have made seed if not for our DK chucking up deuces and raiding with his guild 4 hours longer than he said he’d be.

Also, because the only fun you can possibly have doing PVP anymore is when everyone has the same access to the same gear and scaling doesn’t break the game.

How in the heck is a mythic dungeon an esport?

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ugg not this crap again… how much money will we have to spend this time?

I think one could look at it like the esport equivalent to a relay race.

But. They’re not playing against other people. How is that a sport?

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Well I mean they are, they are racing against the another team. First one to clear wins.

Ah. See that’s still weird to me but ehhhhh.

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Well I think it is because the idea of seeing pve as competitive is in general weird to people. But I guess a 1 mile run is just you running and not a race until your up against another person.

You can just find 4 random people before applying?

I’d rather pull from people on the server itself, since I’m on an RP server.

And being in Japan is hard for me to play on my main account.

6. Free Agents

  • In the 2020 MDI BFA Final Season, we are introducing Free Agents. Free Agents are players who don’t have a full team when MDI sign-ups open, but can still sign-up as an individual.
  • When the season’s sign ups open, if you find yourself without a team you can still sign up on Battlefy as a ‘Free Agent’ which will give you access to the tournament Discord server.
  • Free Agents will be eligible for Tournament Realm access should a team decide to pick them up or they form a new team for competitive play. Free Agents who are not part of a team will not receive Tournament Realm access by default.
  • Players can sign up as Free Agents at any point during the MDI season. Blizzard will process these Free Agent requests once a week at 11.00 AM PT on Mondays.
  • The tournament Discord now features an #LFG channel where Free Agents can advertise to join teams or create teams with other Free Agents!

Maybe this could apply to you?

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