Sign Up Now For AWC and MDI Competitive Play

A new year of competition is getting underway, and it’s time to prove your World of Warcraft prowess in the dungeons and Arenas of Azeroth. Sign up for the Arena World Championship (AWC) or the Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) now!

Registration for the Mythic Dungeon International is now open and will close on March 20.

Registration for the Arena World Championship is now open and will close on May 11.

Check out the World of Warcraft blog for more details, and we’ll see you in the AWC and the MDI.


All of us on the forums are filthy casuals though :frowning:


Both lame. Where’s the Pet Battle tourny? The Horrific Vision speed run? The TMog contest?


Once the event is over expect some classes to be nerf because they always do

I mean, yeah. They continually nerf and buff classes. That’s kinda just game design.


Pet Battle Tournament sounds amazing!

oh wait pvp like? nevermind. XD

I didn’t see anything about minimum qualifications for the MDI. Did I miss it?

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Yeah >:D Lemme see some +4 noobs wiping to MDI’s max lvl M+

You joke, but I would watch a tmog competition before I would bother watching AWC or MDI.


I was actually looking for a serious response :confused:

What about the Trash Thread Tournament?
First to be flagged down gets a free compulsory vacation.

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Good luck to all those participating.


How about no.


What’s the reward for the winners, and how are you planning to have us pay all of it this time?


why sign up just so method can win another trophy and check? why not just cut out the middleman and have them walk up on stage hand both of them out then proclaim them the winners like every other year


So much salt.

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They hate me cus they aint me.


Dont’ hate, appreciate.

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I mean, considering the only loss Method has had in the past almost decade is Limit… yeah, expect salt dude. It’s like watching a horse race and knowing ahead of time the second horse that you didn’t bet on has a broken leg. Who do you think wins?

Are Corruptions going to be enabled in the MDI and AWC?

If so, it’ll be a blast to watch teams of mules carry their gear over to where it can kill things.


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