Should you ask mages for water on BGs?

You could always farm for an hour or two.

I’ll give water if asked. If a trade window opens up though without anything being said, that’s another story.

I can’t make water for everyone and buff Arcane brilliance on everyone and get my mana back before the BG starts though.


Love this. If you are a Ret or Shadow, this means don’t ask me for water. I’ll give feral druids water in WSG only, not AB.

I don’t give water to obvious macros
Gotta put in some effort for those tasty treats

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i mean they got like 2 minutes they can spam out a few, better than losing nodes to people just being oom or only got partial mana sucking down that 45 water


What if I told you I have a %t in there?


Mage here - Though not Classic. As a mage, it doesn’t bother me honestly… I need it to as I’m arcane xD

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I just come with like 3-400 waters made. Tell people to trade for water. Buffs appreciated.


Ask politely, wait for response, don’t bother them if they don’t respond or don’t give you any water.

There’s no drawback to a polite request. Anyone who’s offended by that isn’t worth dealing with anyway.


If you just open a window and say nothing, I ignore you. Ask and if I can, you will receive.


Dunno, i normally carry 5 stacks of AD juice boxes.
(No not just for playing a BG)
Dont think i have ever asked for water, i have had it handed to me
i usually cancel and say than you but im good there.

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You can’t get water if you don’t ask!

Personally whenever I’m waiting for the queue to pop/gates to open I’m making water and food. I don’t stop until my bag is full. I give out at least a couple hundred of each and every AV.

I feel like in some small way it could potentially help win the game. I understand being DPS, running in DPSing your mana away, dying, and just respawning with full mana. That is a strat that works great 90% of the time. Imagine you’re on offense sitting at RH/Aid Station and waiting for it to cap and your healers and DPS are OOM and can’t die to regen because they would have to run through a wall of Horde/Alliance to get back to you. The only way you are going to succeed is if everyone has water.

Because I’m handling all of the water/food I don’t do any buffing before the start of the match. There are tons of other mages usually and no one seems to complain that I’m not buffing others if they don’t have to hand out conjured stuff.

For all you mages out there check out the water dispenser addon on curse. Combine that with a simple macro for “/s Just open trade for water/food!” and you literally have 2 buttons to click. One for your macro to advertise for trades and one to accept each trade.


The only time asking for water in a bg annoys me is when it’s literally in the middle of a fight. You’d think this wouldn’t happen, but it does.

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I tried this on my lock and was told siphon life doesnt count.

This game has gone to classism

Are you like other locks, who lich 99% more than they siphon?
It may not count then LOL

Ive had locks in instances lich themselves to death, and then yell Why dIDnT YoU HeAL mE???

Keep in mind, i’d already healed them probably 4 or 5 times as they continue to lich themselves silly

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Asking is always a lot nicer than opening a trade window unprompted. For some reason trade window opening not only closes every other window, it also interrupts and exits the chat box so you’re suddenly pressing hotkeys instead of typing.

It’s so bad I now have to block incoming trades in all bgs because ppl just open it up and close all my other windows/chat box out.

Anyway~ Mages are not a substitute for preparation or gold. Healers get water, and that’s it.


I come prepared, but mages like you don’t deserve a shield, dispel, renew or a peel from me. In fact, it would give me pleasure to watch you die next to me of a dot I could dispel. :wink:

If a mage is polite enough to give me water, it’s appreciated but not expected and my full arsonal is there to help when I can. Team players foster team spirit.


The peasants can get their water from IF bridge like everyone else :>


I think it is fine to ask.

I see providing Conjured Water and Food the same as Buffing.

It only helps the team to better performs all around.

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If you play a mage you should know to expect that.