Should we anoint Warrior Worst Class ATM?

Arms dead last with fury not far ahead in raid. Prots been dead this whole x-pac. Are warriors the worst?


Unless you’re on the bleeding edge of content - WF raiding and +25 keys, any class is capable.

Streamers, WF raiders, and M+ teams are literally pushing the limits of the game, and at that level, there will always be a meta.

That meta does not relate to the vast majority of the player base.

I’d suggest participating in any types of the above content before discussing classes that are ‘dead’.

Player skill and poor group performance is usually the underlying driver of why players can’t succeed - not the class.


Did not say dead overall but the worst lol. Worst isn’t completely subjective and skilled base. there are classes that are absolutely bad compared to others. Warriors don’t even have a dps (based on the numbers) even in the middle. You could say skill will over come but then the top warriors should be closer to the other specs but they are not. Prot warriors are dead, not even debatable how bad they are, sorry.


I hate this argument so much, yet I see it time and time again for some strange reason. “Well you aren’t WF racing or pushing +25s so its ok for your class to do no single target and get out cleaved by other classes”. Fury and arms literally have no niche or identity outside of rally and battle shout. Their single target is non-existent and is some of the worst in the game. Something necro was supposed to remedy to an extent but that got nerfed before it even saw iteration. Every class does better ST then arms and fury barring windwalker which is in an equally pathetic state. So you would think we would plow in cleave situations? But were middle of the pack in those scenarios as well. Yes, most content is possible to do with arms and fury or any class with a pulse. That doesn’t mean people want to limp to the finish line, while other classes sprint past us. Doesn’t mean people cant aspire to the class performing better or that its underperformance shouldn’t be addressed. Especially given the fact that its underperformance is a product of blizzard’s faulty pre-emptive balancing that obviously was too heavy-handed.


I am beyond disappointed. I have kept up this entire expansion hoping warrior would get better, and all I’ve realistically gotten is feeling like my time has been wasted. I will never understand the heavy handed nerfs warriors get before the sets are even full seen in motion, yet classes like warlocks and boomkins will go untouched for weeks or months at a time.



Buffs when


Prot is okay. Fury needs a ST buff. (I hope they don’t aura buff us; we don’t need it.)

Arms suffers from the reality that its own damage crutches extremely hard on Windfury, on top of just general lower end throughput.

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Yep I’m switching back to warlock… I’ll just do 4 keys on the warrior a week and then go have fun on a toon people want in their group


I always have to laugh when people say prot warriors are bad. Always tells me they have no idea what they’re talking about. Always a good laugh.


Aww, being on top 2 out 3 seasons wasn’t good enough. Because you have to take a back seat for once this expansion we’ve got to complain about being the worst and make a big deal about it?

Boomkins were the first ones to get nerfed. Multiple times actually. Warlocks have been struggling behind for expansions now. The pecking order is constantly changing and shifting. This is the nature of things when “balance” is incorporated

Warriors haven’t been on top. WTF you talking about. A druid saying warriors were on top the last two patches?


Nor did I say they were

Warrior was upper middle in CN
Warrior upper middle/lower top in SoD
Warriors first time not being above the median in SOFO

A fellow melee**

Until you’re a Feral, your argument of “Druid saying…” holds no weight. Now if you were a ranged and complaining about Balance, then that would.

As far as it stands, Warriors > melee Druids this entire expansion. So yes, if I wanted to argue the point of Druid and Warrior I could.

Here come the feral gatekeepers for under-performance. You know you could have played boomkin the multiple tiers they were absolutely busted? Warrior’s did not have that option. Also you literally said “Aww, being on top 2 out 3 seasons wasn’t good enough”. Then proceed in the next post after someone called you out to say “I didn’t say that!”. There seems to be some misconception about warrior rankings in your post. In CN during the majority of progress (the time that actually matters) warrior was dead last in performance with fury nigh unplayable. With arms being only a few notches above it. It took multiple aura buffs and general buffs to make fury even playable. That entire time fury was worthless along with arms not being much better. You existed in raid solely for battle shout and rally. SoD I have no arguments with you arms was in a very good place. Now in Sepulcher arms is dead last, with fury not being much higher. I am not sure what feral underperforming has to do with arms and fury underperforming? Can both not co-exist in a world where both are good and or balanced? I think the frustrating point for the warrior player-base, is that this is a post-nerf state of warrior. I feel warrior would of been fine without the nerfs, as the nerfs were mostly single target based something both specs struggle with greatly now. I think they should of let it play out and adjusted as needed. Rather then pre-emptively nerfing it into ground and as a result warrior single target damage is severely lacking.


Actual kekw


Arms should never be good in PVE, I actually feel proud when Arms is bottom in Raids/Mythics.
That being said, they definitely need help in PVP.
So yes, Arms might actually be the worst class atm.
Revert the ****ing Defense Stance nerfs. Such bs.


This is switching between Ranged and Melee. This is apples to oranges. This is not the same as switching from Arms to Fury. That would be synonymous with a Rogue switching between it’s specs.

Yeah I had to go back and look at that, and I did say “top”. That was my bad. But I also didn’t mean to use top as “#1”. Just that they’re in the upper rankings.

Why is it progress that only matters??? Why not overall?? Ahhh because then it changes the focus of your narrative and your argument of:

Now onto:

It doesn’t. That’s my whole point, but someone had to spout off:

He’s trying to use an entire class to cover his short comings. Whereas I play one of the “worst specs” in the game, across all the patches.

And i agree with this. And I haven’t delved into the actual breakdown of fights, but this raid has a decent amount of ST, Cleave, and some AoE thrown in. Does Arms and their Sweeping Strikes not stand out in these cleave/burst AoE moments? Warcraftlogs is down at the moment so I cannot go check on logs to see for certain.

The worst? Not really, we got our moments to shine, just single target really from what i have seen, i dont feel our aoe need help. They could revert the tier and necro lego nerf on fury and buff arm mortal strike and overpower i guess. But at the same time, the jailer weapon is insane dps increase when you get it, so it might balance out

I also think prot with 4p, anger management and necro would be crazy good in m+.

Arms ST is no comparison to other classes. Our AOE burst is decent, but without bladestorm, we don’t have much for AOE compared to other classes. In SoD, arms ST burst was mediocre compared to other classes, however where the spec shined was consistency. Our damage was consistent with the occasional small burst every 45 seconds. Where other classes would shoot through the roof then drop off a cliff, arms stayed consistent.

In SoF, arms is in a terrible position. If you strip away 2x lego and tier bonuses, arms is in a pretty decent spot, exactly how the class should be relative to other classes. However, once you add 2x lego and tier bonuses, the class suffers greatly. When you factor in 2x lego, arms gains a moderate amount of DPS, however some other classes gain much more. Factoring in tier bonuses is where arms nose dives. If you simply tunnel arms tier bonus, you’d conclude that the spec gains what a tier bonus is supposed to add. However, now that the system is live and there are numerous data points, it’s apparent that the tier bonus contribution was not enough relative to what other class tier bonuses contributed.


They need to stop trying so hard to making everybody’s spec viable at everything.

Arms - Utility / the PvP spec.

Fury - PVE spec

Prot - Tank. (if tanks are going to be in pvp at all, then prot warriors completly lack in this department)

Players salty about S1 Condemn spam, and S2 Arms / Ret trains that where great with minimal effort.


Well arm aoe always have been more setup compare to fury consistence in aoe, just have to hold sweeping strike with warbreaker and spear at the right moment. But fury get to abuse the whirlwind conduit more, so they gonna be on top in m+ mostly because of it now. I need to practice arm more in m+ to get a better idea on how it feel with running warmachine and fervor of battle.

The world first race guilds did ran with arm warriors while everyone having 4p, so i dont think tier was the factor because of it, 2nd lego wouldn’t make sense either since war have very good cov lego. Idk how arm aint performing as it should be, since on paper it should be good on st, like enduring blow work hand in hand with tier.