Should the 500 Pound Warrior be able to catch the magical mage?

cough cough

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Adult bulls may weigh between 500 and 1,000 kg (1,100 and 2,200 lb) .

A complete suit of plate armour made from well-tempered steel would weigh around 15–25 kg (33–55 lb) .


I would venture to guess that:

For a:

Might weigh a bit more than:


I suppose not.


At least with blink, the warrior might have a chance if the mage is bad. Shimmer is the worst for melee.

Very few warriors run this talent.

Mages have so much more escape and gap creators now in Dragonflight due to their shared talent tree than they have had in the past. They have far more ways to deal with gap closers than melee have gap closers.

You would have had a seizure if you had to deal with six leap, triple blinking night fae fury warriors in Shadowlands.

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I would argue that the slow talent ( which I use when arcane ) does not do the talent justice.

The warrior still leaps and charges at full speed.

The Dh still bangs head on keyboard and goes full speed and stuns.

Monks: they act like they don’t even have a slow on them.

Rogues will just shadow step full speed and stun you.

Druids just shapeshift

It’s a pretty crap talent vs melee imo. I do take it and spam it vs enemy flag carriers.

Double leap is only fury, most warriors run Arms in PvP.

Only exceptions are Ashran where the Warrior tome gives all warrior specs 2 extra leaps and/or a Drac with the talent that gives all classes an extra charge of their movement ability.

Kul Tiran, my boy. They’re built like gorillas.


Plate should drown in water.


Should the magical mage be able to maintain focus to utter the words of power required to cast their blink spell with a five hundred pound warrior covered in spikes and weapons bashing them to a pulp?

Ya like I can cast a spell with a warrior on me. Lol

im a strong swimmer

Put a metal suit on and go tread water for 30m.

To be clear dont do this and please value your personal safety.

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scuba tanks are made of metal and people swim with them all the time.

A good mage can never be caught by a warrior - you’re not using your cds properly or having the correct starting position

I really hope you’re not comparing a tank on your back full of air to an entire suit of armour

Google buoyancy

To be clear, with extreme effort its likely possible but not for any extended period and it shouldnt be done outside of a controlled environment. It also depends on how much armour you wear.

I imagine full kit, gambeson, arming jacket, hosen, possibly a lair of chain mail, and full plate, and then maybe a weapon belt? Idk man. Sounds like a death trap to me.
That’s one fiery mage, a living bomb! :fire::bomb:

Now that’s a lot of fire mages…

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It’s the snares lol. I very rarely get caught but when I do, I’m slowed for ever. Shimmer doesn’t remove snares and my shield to remove said snare is on CD, I’m kinda screwed. Of course each blink is met with a leap and the alter time is met with a ranged stun followed by that wirl wind of death thing the big dummies do lol.

But ya you’re right, they shouldn’t catch me but they have the gap closers to do it as does most melee.