Should PUGS fight Premades?

Yea he’s just a kid wanting attention, ignore him.

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I don’t need you to believe me, you already have another person saying they have seen the post.

I’m sorry you all are upset that Blizz doesn’t agree with pre-mades facing pugs.

We already know most of you just want ez wins. You’re not fooling anyone.


But I didn’t phrase it like that because it’s frankly not helpful to what I want.

If I can ask a reasonable question, provide the tool for him to prove himself, and he doesn’t, a person reading the exchange will likely conclude that without me having to say anything.

If instead I antagonize, call liar, make fun of him, etc. Then it’s not clear to someone reading the exchange who’s right unless they do the research themselves. Most won’t. I’ll look like a turd and possibly get a forum timeout, while his topic gets bumped, more attention, etc.

It’s tempting to make fun of someone in the moment. But to win an argument here, you do not convince the person responding. That almost never works. You instead look as reasonable as possible and convince the people who haven’t replied yet.

Ok, well if blizz truly believes that, where are the changes to support that statement?

Especially if it’s been months.

Actions speak louder than words, and you’ve given me neither words nor actions.

Wish I could form a premade but I can only play a few hours a week and not at a specific time. I tried a few pugs vs premade but quickly learnt that was a waste of time so I stopped queuing all together and ultimately unsubbed. I’d resub to play pug vs pug BG.

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I’ve only today started to log data regarding BG matches, but I typically do not face premades. Of course, I have and sometimes do, but it’s vastly not the majority.

I’d be curious as to when the few hours a week, not at a specific time tend to be, and whether you have any control over that.

Ohhh, I’ll start having control over the situation when I stop being a father, a husband and no longer need to work. Aside from the essentials, raiding and farming all day isn’t all that interesting but I really enjoyed the BGs back in vanilla when it was primarily pug vs pug. Nothing beats a crazy 30-45 mins see saw battle WSG.

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Haha, fair! Yeah, I suspect that there are certain days/times where there are more premades than other days/times, e.g. Tue/Wed/Thu evenings, but I don’t have data yet.

I wish I knew.

I have played WoW consistently since 2005, every xpac. I used to do the pre-made thing back in vanilla, I did the grind. I also know how detrimental it makes PvP for the casual player, it gives the casual a bad taste for battlegrounds.

I want, I think we all want, more people to actually queue up for battlegrounds. More participants makes for more games, which makes for shorter queues.

My only agenda is to make for a more enjoyable game for everyone . Premades having to face premades and PuGs vs PuGs limits nobodies access to an enjoyable experience.

The blue post exists, the blue post has already been provided in the very same type of thread as this, month’s ago.

I’m sorry.


I do not personally want any changes that would effect queue times. AV queue times on the Horde side are something that I’ve arranged my schedule and work around to be able to queue for and play.

I suppose if changes do happen, I would be able to adjust and arrange my schedule around for that also, but it may take several months, and that would be quite an inconvenience for me. I’d imagine that others have also rerolled Horde specifically for the 1.5 to 2.5 hour AV queues, as I have, though there may not be a significant number of us.

This would be impossible, I think. Simply because of how many people are playing. Any change whatsoever would have some negative impact on some players.

I believe you believe that.


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Couldn’t say it better myself.

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No they shouldn’t it’s crazy’s and the horde pugs are going to completely quit queueing Arathi basin is now completely swarmed with premades it got progressively worse which is why the queue times are 6 mins they are all premades who will camp you right from the break of the gate and get to BS you’re wiped and then ghosting.

No. Force premades to play vs premades

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give pug players 2x honor

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Even if the pugs got 2x honor vs a premade they are lucky they get 2-3 HKS I’ve left at least 1/4th of my BGs on horde side with 0 honor

so, while were are debating here and demanding the change, what is Blizzard doing? It seems nothing!!! WE DEMAND OFFICIAL RESPONSE FROM BLIZZARD! make your statement about premades clear!

Why would they?

Seems like either the premades or pugs would quit on the spot, depending on who they sided with.

Horde also do this :laughing:

People who are grinding R14 don’t want this change because it will impact the honor per hour they get, etc. People who just want to have fun with a fair PvP match up should be completely for this.

…but where do you draw the line? What do you do with a 2 or 3 person group?

Premades vs premades and pugs vs pugs definitely would be better battles for all. Would be actual battles, lol, The honor grind is Ridiculous. What about lifetime honor kills. So many for each rank. R14 a number over 100k? It won’t be changed but if it were.