Shop/items issue

I recently bought the new celestial transmog had it for a day and now its gone and transaction cleared.
Also still having issue with tuskarr fishing spear missing on a few characters I ve had for years now and new characters of same class it doesnt even show up on rep vender.

It is a known glitch. Blizzard is working on correcting it (and the other disappearing transmogs), but no timeframe has been given as of yet for when it will be corrected.


Check the filters while at the vendor to make sure it is set to show everything.

Search your bank, bags, and void storage on the characters who are missing the item.


Yea its unique cant store in void storage and I always had it in my bags and its an issue across 7 classes. Warrior mage deathknight demon hunter shaman warlock.
Ive done the cache thing not in item restore and wont show up on vender for new characters of the above classes.

Have you tried all the vendors?

Also, I’m not seeing it as being unique. But as a white quality item, it is not able to be soulbound, so that would prevent it from going in Void Storage. Also, most likely why it wouldn’t show up on Item Restoration.

It’s not that one. It’s the one that boosts your fishing skill. Bought from Nat Pagle in Pandaria.

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I had thought about that one as well, but was awaiting confirmation that it was indeed the one they are missing.

I have no issues myself seeing it on the vendor.

yup that one from tuskarr rep vender ive done complete install on net w pc so wasnt a corrupted cache on my end or anything.