Shiny Charms will be Converted to Polished Pet Charms in 10.2.5

  • All your Shiny Charms will get a 1:1 conversion to Polished Pet Charms, and will show up in the mail

  • All the vendors that originally sold items for Shiny Charms will now take Polished charms

  • All WQs and Dailies that rewarded Shiny Charms will now reward Polished Pet Charms

  • Polished Pet Charms will now stack to 5k (is currently 1k)

  • The Shiny Pet Charmer achievement will become a Feat of Strength, so if you haven’t done it yet you’ll want to start working on that soon!


/Mr. Burns Voice

And they will stack to 5000, which will be nice for completionists. :partying_face:


Congrats to everyone that hoarded Shiny Pet Charms!

To those that got rid of them already, I’m so sorry :worried:

With this new FoS coming up, I’m wondering if I should collect 500 Shiny Charms just for the achievement lol


You have the achievement (Shiny Pet Charmer) already. It is just being made into a Feat of Strength in the next patch. At least that is how I understand it, since the image linked showed an achievement date from 2022.


Ooo you’re right! Guess I’m set then, maybe I’ll collect Shiny Pet Charms just for the conversion then haha


<grumble> Took 'em long enough.

I wonder how many Shiny Charms I’ve collected? (Assuming the FoS is a lifetime statistic, not “how many Shiny Charms you had in your possession when the conversion happened”.)

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You have the achievement (Shiny Pet Charmer - collect 500 Shiny Pet Charms) already. That is the achievement that is being turned into the Feat of Strength next patch.

Huh. I didn’t recognize it.

I’m not a very mindful collector, I guess.

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Ohh thank God…I been running out of room again…I am close too 55,000 or so charms…so dang glad they will stack too 5K now…


You know what else should be stacked bigger the other lvl stones…I literally have 1000’s of them…the ones that lvl up a pet of a specific type and those blue lvl stones too…they only stack too 100…these should stack too 1,000



But the Yellows stack to 200, whilc the Blues and Greens stack only to 20. I have a full 32-slot bag filled just with Blue stones, and more Blue stones scattered over other alts.

Stack 'em all to 5000!!


Or at least let us vendor the useless ones.

What useless ones? All the specific type of breed stones help put levels too battle pets…the blues turn common and lower ones too rare…so which ones are useless?


Sorry, shoulda been more clear I was talking about personal annoyance. The Blues that I keep accumulating from alts doing pet WQs and trainers all over that seem to never get used.

With three stacks of Humanoid, Mechanical and Magic Blues taking up bank space already, would seem safe to dump any new drops of them.

Why we should ask them too let those stack too 1,000 or higher…it would help a bunch…

Did you not realize that you can trade family-specific Flawless battle stones for generic ones three-for-one at Audrey Burnhep (Stormwind) or Varzok (Orgrimmar)? If you can’t use the family-limited stones, converting them to more usable Marked Flawless stones would seem to be a win.


This is truly great news. I have in the neighborhood of 1,500 shinies, left over from my buying bonanza of pets before the big switch. My question is… is there anything new to buy with them?
Something that is sorely needed is a toy to enlarge or color or shrink pets. Or a biscuit that does the same that doesn’t wear off whenever we fly, zone, or whatever.
I don’t use the groom kits because they only stack to ten and only last as long as the biscuits (and we are zoning and flying more than ever now), but I would use a toy to shiny up my pet if I could.

Had totally forgotten about Audrey. Thanks much !


I like everything about this announcement… except finding the time to do more pet battles :rofl: Ah well, where there is a will there is a way

Will the Legion mission table still drop pet tokens? I hope so. I just use the app twice a day and accumulate quite a few.