Sharing the Faith Quest Bugged

The level 10 priest quest for Human Priest in Stormwind City Cathedral of Light has been bugged for over 24 hours. The Night Elf “Supplicant” is supposed to be kneeling so you can pray over him. He is not. He is standing like a statue just starting at us in the face of our attempts to complete the bloody quest. Seems to be the same thing on every layer at least on the Crusader Strike server.


Can confirm. Not working for me or any of the random people running by. I’m on the Chaos Bolt server.


Confirmed. This happened to all priests i have seen on server. Tried changing layer but the same. I saw ONLY ONE priest that was able to complete the quest but he did not anything different, but as usual the Night Elf priest never knelt.
Living Growth server.


I’m doing the night elf version and the human is standing up too. I thought he might kneel when his fort buff ran out but he did not.

edit: Just logged in after the small downtime, he was kneeling, I got my quest complete, and he is still kneeling.

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Still not working in Stormwind on Wild Growth.

If the one in Darnassus is working, could I go there (even though it’ll be a long a painful trek) to complete it or would that not work?

Either way, still bugged as of now.

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Still bugged as of 12/04 on wild growth- undead supplicant. Troll priest player.

edit: he finally was in the kneeling position. it looks like what’s happening is if he has the buffs, he’ll be standing. this means once one priest has done their quest he’s locked up for 4 hours before another priest can complete their quest.

Still bugged on lone wolf

Still Bugged 12/5

Still bugged on Wild Growth after reset on 12/5.

Still bugged on Living Flame as well

Hey all, the supplicants not resetting properly is a known issue; thanks for the report!

That said, Sharing the Faith is just a tutorial quest, so this isn’t blocking any rune acquisition.


It is blocking rune acquisition for the humonculous because it is almost impossible to find a nightelf priest to take the buff from and this is the only real way to get it done.

Thanks for the info!

it is still not working and it is blocking me from getting the Humonculous rune, if you know it is a bug. Why have you not fixed it? And what am I to do when I want to get the circle of healing rune? I have read you need both faiths on to get it.

Any eta of when it will be fixed? Thank you!

It isn’t working for the Horde Undead version either.

Not Working 12/29 for Undercity quest.

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Dang. They fixed the Horde version a few days ago, by the time I turned it in it was gray to me lol.

Supplicant not kneeling in Org, so still bugged? 1/7/24

Still bugged in SW on Wild Growth 01/15.

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