Sharding after latest server restart?


Seen a couple instances of sharding happening since the last server restart about an hour ago.

Blizz, what did you do?

Here is one.


I will try to test this when I get home from work. Curious though… why was the mobs HP still missing when he rephased in?


Yeah, this is a problem as layering was described. If its sharding, they haven’t given us layering yet maybe because they’re still working on it and want to roll it out for the Stress Tests?


Highly likely… It would make sense with them having such a small pool of beta testers right now.


Either way, its something to keep checking on until it stops.


anxiously holds pitchfork


Aren’t Phasing and Sharding different? I know they’re both the hellspawn of Retail, but my money is on it could be an oversight. I dunno how it’s configured so it could have to be manually turned off zone by zone maybe?

(Gildark) #8

They are. Sharding is different instances of zones, while phases are for people being in different portions of a quest chain where it causes the world/NPCs to be set up differently depending on your progress through a quest.


Right, thanks for the refresher!

(Ironsides) #10

There was definitely something weird going on last night. Dun Morogh had no mobs on the west side for like 10 minutes then randomly they entire zone respawned.


Here is another one.


Lmfao that dudes reaction was worth the watch


Plz Fix! :frowning:

(Skjaldbjorn) #14

I’m not sure that is a layering thing. I’ve actually seen that happen on pservers. I’m talking specifically about those crocs in that river. Google it and you will even see a bug tracker report for it on elysium.


Truly disgusting…

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I really don’t understand the appeal to watch these people’s crap, but I may be just too old.


I think it’s nice to have video evidence though. That’s much easier to show blizzard to some vaguely worded bug report.


It’s working as intended


~~Uh. That one isn’t phasing, that’s respawns. Someone else killed them and then they respawned in their guard locations.

Welcome to Vanilla, Defcamp.~~

On rewatching, yeah that’s a screwup that shouldn’t be happening.


Then tell me, where did the body go he was attacking? why did it and the other dead body disappear when the other 2 “spawned” in