Shaman weapon buff issue in Era

Following the 1.14 patch for Era, the weapon imbues from both totems and self buffs were not displaying on weapons.
Following the most recent maintenance the animation when windfury goes off can now be seen again on other party members along with the visible weapon buff. But it is still not showing up for the shaman using either the totem or casting the imbue on my own weapon. Tried multiple weapons and all self buffs ( ie rockbiter) and no visible weapon buff/animation at all for me. It’s a small thing but could y’all look into this? Thanks.


I also can’t see my windfury animation. Really bummed out since I just got it!

Fairly certain that this is a thing in TBCC also.

Yeah, same on Season of Mastery. Doesn’t work on two handed weapons (tried with staffs and two handed maces). And I tested with one handed mace and it worked for me, it showed the effects of rockbiter, flametongue and frostbrand. So I presume its a bug with two handed weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you dual wielding?
I’m elemental and using 1H + shield.
Still not seeing it.

I’m not. Its a low lvl char

Thanks for the reply.
I’ll try different set ups again and see what happens.

Shaman weapon buff visual still bugged :confused:


I do not have this bug, visual affects appear normally for me from windfury. Probably some sort of addon or graphical setting is causing you guys’ issues.

I have all graphic settings set to max at all times, if that helps.

Works perfectly normal on both DW and 2 handed weapons for me, displaying the swirling wind on proc and displaying the imbue.

The imbue visual is doubled for me. 2 balls swirling around the weapon, on most weapons but not all.

So you do get the winds around you? Maybe it’s Horde only :open_mouth:

Noticed the double weapon imbue on TBCC Client. For the Classic SoM, there is no visual weapon imbue on any weapons I have tried. Can we get this fixed anytime soon?

The issue is Era and SoM not TBC.

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I just logged in to check and you’re right, the winds do show on TBCC.

My Shaman on SOM definitely has this issue.

As others have pointed it seems Classic Era specific, as my TBCC shaman does not have this problem.


It’s late February 2022 … and this is STILL a bug in game.



It is now December of 2022 and it is still not fixed,
Rockbiter not even showing on low level staffs still.

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Still no update on this Bug, April 2023 This simple bug has not been fixed. PLEASE BLIZZARD!!!

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May 19… This bug is still a thing. Come on Blizz!

I also have this effect on my shaman on Classic era, no weapon imbues showing on my weapons. June 2023 and no big fix. Confirmed, no one works at blizzard anymore, at least not on classic servers….

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