Shaman weapon buff issue in Era

Just a reminder, Blizzard.
I’m sure there are always other fires that need tending but it would be nice to have this fixed.

Rockbiter, Windfury, Flametongue and Frostbrand Weapon self buffs are not showing the graphic for each in Classic Era. This was an issue in Season of Mastery as well so if y’all are still on board for another seasonal server maybe this could get some attention before that release?


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11/23 and the bug is still not fixed on classic… Can’t see my flame tongue or rockbiter imbues…

This bug is still present in Season of Discovery. Still no visual effects for any of the Shaman weapon imbues. 2 years later! Surely someone on the Dev team has played a Shaman while designing season of discovery and noticed this?

Bumping in hopes of a fix to this

Same thing happening to my shaman in SoD. Kind of wild this still has not been fixed after reading through this thread’s history.

Hello again, Blizzard folks!
I’m the original poster here again.

The update to 1.14 somehow broke shaman weapon imbues in Classic Era as well as the seasonal servers. It hasn’t been fixed and now we are well on our way in the second season with this same unresolved issue. This is something that is iconic for a shaman in World of Warcraft and it would be really fantastic if somehow our connection to the Elements could be reestablished and made manifest.

Thank you for your attention and (hopefully) action.

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Hello…. It’s 2024 now… made a lvl 2 orc and troll shaman. I can see it on my orc and not my troll and then got to lvl 7 on both , got cudgel. Rockbiter animation has disappeared…… :cloud_with_rain: :ghost:

I see the imbues again!
Thanks so much.