Shaman are the superior class, change my mind


Think about it. We go to any planet and commune with the planets elements. Using the energy and force of an entire planet. In our case, ours has a Nascent titan, so we can channel her i imagine as well.

The fact that they get pooped on by blizzard in their mishandling of the specs is proof that they can’t balance such extreme power so the creators literally hold us in chains so that we do not obliterate every enemy.

Lightning Lasso.

Shout out to my Blood Dks and Destro warlocks.

Were gonna get our IP nerfed too, just watch.


Your dps spec’s are so crap they have to break you to make you viable and even then it’s barely viable.


Too hard to balance the already OP class fantasy.

(Fyre) #4

What’s a Sha…man? I’ve never seen nor heard of such a thing. Is it a cookie?

(Stéampunk) #5

They can’t be the superior class because there are no Gnome Shamans.

end of line…


We do have a cookie division, headed by our top notch warlocks.


Shamans are tons of fun, and I really enjoy all of the specs. It’s just a shame that the community perception of them is so bad.


Enhancement had a build for like 3 weeks before BoD opened that would have made us at least middle pack, but then they gutted it because it would have made an azerite trait too sought after. Boom, -2k DPS right away in sims by going back to the old build. And it also nerfed the old baseline build because the trait in question is still fairly commonly used, it’s just not strong enough to prop up that build anymore for general use.


If you execute your class well more likely than not you will top a raids DPS meters 1-3 spots. That goes for enhance too. Nice name.

(Momimfotm) #10

Tell that to all the shaman who rerolled warlock back on Draenor!

(Pänic) #11

He was Gul’banned from the Shadowmoon clan. We don’t speak about him.


Definitely, but people get to caught up in the highest of high end players and what they’re doing.


True. True. God i hate this. Lemme make a nonsentence blizzard

(Asmo) #14

Elemental is doing quite well right now.



Literally every DPS spec of Shaman is god awful. At 365 my ele was still doing the same dps as characters questing.


You are doing something incredibly wrong lol.

(Fyre) #18

No but seriously, isn’t the reason why everyone treats it like a dead class was because Blizz promised they were gonna overhaul the specs and then…didn’t?


If you can’t beat people questing when you are at 365, you are doing something wrong. Look at a guide or something.


That’s a fair point. I’m next-level trash at that spec.


To bad it feels awful to play.