Shadowpriest form

Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Season 2—Now Live!:

Hear me out… Shadowpriest can turn their shadow form into ShadowFlame. Or give them the option to change the color of the shadowy tint


Why stop there SP and Affliction Warlocks should have an AoE Curse that spreads Shadowflame to everyone it hits like how Soul Flame talent works in Affliction maybe?

(Then again, I LOVE if the Evoker 3rd spec if its theme on these Multi-school of magic like Shadowflame, have a few spells that would spread the Shadowflame or any other Chromatic Multi-DMG effect with a AoE burst like Soul Burst does… GOD I LOVEEEE that TALENT in Affliction!)
I was thinking on this for some time now… but never thought as a cosmetic for the Shadowform… that will look nice… and it can be done as the Toy exist that does this to any character out of combat!