Shadowlands: Take a Journey with the Music of Eternity’s End

Shadowlands: Take a Journey with the Music of Eternity’s End

Let the entrancing music of Eternity’s End take you on an auditory journey like no other.

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nerf demo locks in pvp


content drought


While I appreciate the sentiment, this is wasted manpower Blizz. Thanks for the free soundtrack I spose. Y’know, to music 90% of us have muted anyways.


You’re a warrior. Take off the training wheels.

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Arms isn’t in a good place right now.

I have a long memory.

minstrel class confimed?

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What the actual hell is wrong with you?


I guess I’ll go against the grain here.

Thank you, Blizzard. I have really enjoyed the music this patch and have it playing while I work right now. Definitely a highlight of the company, I’ve always loved the music.


Dear Blizzard and all of your employees, you and your families are irreplaceably valuable, and I hope your lives are rich with longevity, fulfillment, and the willingness to keep sadistic, capricious users like this out of our forums forever, because you do not deserve this kind of abuse.

To any moderators and developers reading this: I love you, and wish you 100% crit chance in non-PvP situations.


How is there a content drought? We just got a new patch and theres another on the PTR.

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lmao. this patch is going to last at least 1 year

So similar every expansion prior to this one? Sounds like business as usual. How have you not come to expect the content drought?

It likely took 1 developer maybe a few hours of time to get all the music files, give them a background and put them on youtube.

Hardly a massive “waste of manpower”

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And somebody liked the post. I guess this type of statement was inevitable with the amount of hyperbole that fills the GD forums…but it is still surprising when you actually see it

Someone took the time to record 3 hours of still-screen gameplay. Yes, it’s a waste of time.

They could just throw this on spotify/pandera/whatever and call it a day. At least then there’s some profit in it.

Theres literally another upcoming patch on the PTR right now.

wow i never knew people existed that would defend a 1 year+ content drought. especially for an expansion that cut an entire raid tier

Zereth Mortis music is easily one of the highest selling points for this patch. When all’s said and done, I could easily sit afk in the zone, especially the untamed verdure, and let the music play out. And for that, I can be grateful.

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