Shadowlands: Take a Journey with the Music of Eternity’s End

Is it to late to give it its own Lo-Fi vid like the other SL zones? I want to see Pocopoc endlessly writing something as the music loops.

Please add the OST (raids/dungeons) from past expansions to iTunes. It was nice for the BFA one to be sold/added, but having the Draenor 12 hour one would be nice. 10 different versions of ‘magnificent desolation’ without you tube commercials? Yes please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! Been looking forward to this :slight_smile:

The new expac is 1 year away…yeah content draught.

What, do you think their systems designers are the ones throwing a playlist up on YouTube?

I’m sure a ton of time and effort went into consolidating their music files into one video.

Does it have audio… that you can walk on? I’m still REELING from this water… that I can walk on… i don’t know if i can handle any more CONTENT after experiencing

The glory
The wonder
The Elitist Jerks DREAM

that is water THAT YOU CAN WALK ON!
I mean honestly… how can you even DREAM to top







Okay, but the water is actually really cool. The whole zone is gorgeous.

The whole “let’s repeat one minor thing that a dev said to create some PR ad nauseum because it’s just so funny” is mind-numbing.

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I’m not kidding here, I was LEGALLY REQUIRED to cash out my child’s college fund once I heard about , wait for it,






is part of the AMAZING end to the AMAZING story of shadowlands. I Pre-purchased 8 years of wow sub-time when I first heard about this AMAZING expansion feature that has NEVER been in warcraft!

You’re overdoing it.

Do you guys not have phones?

I imagine blues coming to post something on here just tossing the thread out like a steak to a pack of starving wild dogs.

You guys can dislike things, but you look silly airing all your completely-unrelated-to-the-thread grievances on literally every single post they make. Chill.


Yeah, I tried Fury for fun in arena and it was a lol. Arms is still fine though IMO.

Remember the Old Soldier and other saurfang oriented animations in BFA? the music played each time he took a trip down memory lane?


The intro part is my favorite bit, it’s so beautiful and I searched for it as soon as I heard it.

No. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:

You (Blizz) bring back Arthas first. Then, maybe, we’ll talk about your fripperies.

To the music team,

Thank you for another masterpiece. I’ve followed Glenn’s work since WC2 and have always been a fan of his style. But, I’m more impressed at how the compositions have matured over the past 20+ years. The addition of the others on the time (e.g. Neal) have been fantastic too.

People can say what they want about the underlying game but the music team is always one that nails it for me. Well done again!

Have you been playing WoW? Did you participate in the 8 month patch? There isn’t much to do in the game right now unless you are into M+. :woman_shrugging:

Oh and WoW… how about you fix Shadow Priest