Shadowlands sucks bring back our WoW Back we love

WoW Shadowlands screwed WoW and killed your fan and player base i hate the game and you changed way to muchand bring back our WoW back unchanged
Heilooms are trash now the new level system was a lie, gold drops have been reduce to negative and to much was changed all 5 of my Guilds of 900 members disbanded only me and 3 others left WoW Classic is basically pointless now because of all this BS im sick and tired of Corporate Companies screwing every damn game stop changing crud they was no reason for Crud show how about taking everyone time of grinding and put us down to lvl 50 increase the dang Levles to 180 like you always did in the past this is game sucks now and it is fricking buggy as hell because of the Huge dang Change


You okay there buddy?


I enjoy how you managed to fit that into one sentence.


There’s been quite a few people who have been getting lost here lately :thinking:


Reading is hard man. Ask any second grader.

Please go back to school. There are third graders that write more coherently than you do.

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Maybe hes just on a bad H trip and going that stream of consciousness thing.


It is massively buggy though. Last night I decided to log onto retail because I wanted to make a mechagnome (they eliminated the rep requirements, no way I was going to grind to exalted in retail previously) and try out the new leveling system. The questline was bugged and impossible to complete, so I logged off retail, probably never to return.

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He managed it with that strategic use of a comma somewhere in there.

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Wrong forum.



Come on Frosto it’s not really that hard to make a paragraph long sentence if you use the two main methods employed by the op just don’t use any periods and don’t capitalize the first word in each sentence you could actually write a whole book that is just one run on sentence i guess that’s it frankly it’s hard to know if the op’s post really ended there’s not even a period at the end periods are over rated but, i’ll use a period now.


SL is going to bomb galore.

There is a survey result floating around. Shadowlands is not what we want.

I am not buying it and nobody I know is either.


Most of the people I know are trying it out, but nobody has high hopes and it’s not replacing classic as anyone’s main game.

WTF is it with these retail mutants coming onto our classic forums to complain about how $#!^ retail is?! Like no $&%$ sherlock why the hell do you think we play classic?! Now for the last time! (cocks shotgun) WE DON’T LIKE YOUR KIND AROUND HERE! (lets a few rounds of into the air) GIT! GIT!


Shadowlands ain’t even out yet lol shadowlands didnt kill anything now if you wanna talk about MoP or WoD killing the player base I would totally agree.

Poor retail slug here. /drink coffee… Hi ! I just want to admit I hate retail now and shadowlands just has too many changes for me. I feel like whale excrement. Retail is a money trap in many ways and only the big whale players with a lot of money can succeed. /drink coffee… I am looking forward to TBC or WOTLK to be honest. I tried Classic and was almost hooked except I had to get mods for the small quality of life issues that I needed keep playing. Hopefully TBC will have some the quality life issues built into the game like for example bag buttons. / drink coffee… Shadowlands feel like your only playing an expansion rather than the whole game and its not even out yet. My nerves are shot I tell you /drink coffee… Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

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Calm down you classic donkey lol.

Shadowlands isn’t even out. you got that right at least.

i gave the heart because of the Passion OP

“Every damn game stop” was my favorite section because of the accidental double entendre.