Shadowlands Season 4 Ends Soon and a Look at Post-Season

Shadowlands Season 4 Ends Soon and a Look at Post-Season

Shadowlands Season 4 will be coming to an end the week of October 24, followed by a post-season period that will last until Dragonflight launches on November 28. Learn more about rewards being retired when the season ends.

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Valor chests vendor for alts when?

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Is there a catch up for alts that does not include doing three raids a week to get dinars? Reduction in requirements or anything like that?

Going to ask, once again, please let us turn fated OFF, if we want.

Normally we’d be in “farm and chill” mode at this point in an expansion, but instead we’re just planning to not play at all. Fated is way more frustrating than it is fun, with how buggy it is. It took you guys how many weeks to “fix” the soak affix, and it’s still not fixed?

Please let us turn it off so we can do the old versions of the raids, like we’ve been able to do at the end of every expansion.


Where is the dinar catch-up that was promised

Out of curiosity

The “Ranking awarded armor” is the transmog armor, but the weapon requires 2100 to upgrade it.

Are we able to acquire 2100 weapon transmog* until Dragonflight launches or does that end Tuesday?

As in, can I grind to 2100 (or attempt to) and then upgrade the dagger I have in my bags and get the new xmog of the weapon, or does that go away?


The dinar catchup was the reduced amount of bosses to get your second and third dinars. Prior to the change you had to kill more bosses.

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Infinitely upvote this. Let people just play.

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does anyone know if the veilstrider title is going away?

Yes it is going away, too late now tbh. There’s not enough time for maldraxxus RNG portion.

You still have 6 weeks. Don’t give up now.


Depends on where the person is at in the achievement.

On the PTR covenant abilities and legendaries are disabled outside of Shadowlands zones. Will the M+ version of dungeons like Mechagon count as “in Shadowlands”?

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Very likely will still be functional. They have UImapIDs for all maps since bfa started. And this helps them have granular control over what spells are active.

I’m asking for alts

Since the KSM mount, Keystone Hero, and Fated raid achievements are staying for M+/Raid done during prepatch (cosmetic kinda stuff), can we retain the ability to unlock Elite PvP appearances during the prepatch?

There would be parity to keeping the Elite PvP appearances unlockable if PvE stuff remains. Titles for top players and such I understand going away with the season end.


My recommendation is if you have any leftover Sandworn Relic’s from Zereth Mortis they are account bound and can easily buy you a full set of 246 gear to get your alts up to speed before running any content for gear.

As for the list, while nice, I wish they had mentioned some concrete confirmation on the Veilstrider achievement. I’m cutting it VERY close based on a little bit of quest RNG and was hoping none of it would go away till DF release and not pre-patch.

I don’t care.

Can someone confirm if Soulshape are still going to be obtainable/collectable in Dragonflight since Covenant Abilities and Shadowlands Legendaries Disabled While Outside of Shadowlands Content. How can I have those in the Timewalking or in PvP?

Yeah but what does sandworn relic have to do with dinars? The question is about dinars. Blizz said there would be a reduction in requirements to get them on alts. So far they have no delivered on that.