Shadowlands Season 4 Ending Soon

What does this mean for the “Hero of Fate” title? If we didn’t kill Sire Denathrius on Heroic last week, did we completely lose our chance at this title? Or will it still be available to achieve after Oct 25th?

Fated rewards will be available until DF launches.

That is just odd.

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Anyone know if the 24th is the deadline for Back from the Beyond, or will it be November?

I am stupidly close. I’m basically missing

-Choofa as a guest for the venthyr party stuff, and I’m getting him this week.
-The entirety of the bastion thingamabob, can’t be bothered
-Hardmode Tazavesh, should be easy
-All the torghast stuff, should be easy too

Basically, I have to find someone who wants to do Tazavesh hardmode and spend a day or two in Torghast, but the Bastion minigame man… I’m basically talking myself into/out of it.

Please keep the Winds of Wisdom XP buff up til Dragonflight actually launches and not just the pre-patch. Pretty please with sugar on top!

I believe DF is bringing a nerf to EXP requirements in the low levels.

You have until DF launches on Nov, 28th.

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When the season ends for M+, will you still be able to run M+ dungeons? And if so, what will be the dungeon pool, since it’s out of season? I kinda just want to do the SL dungeons instead of the ones from Season 4

Great news, remove shadowlands from the game files

I sort of wish there was an auto reply chat bot to answer people’s questions when stuff is going to be removed. Blizz had a bluepost 26 days ago detailing checkpoints when stuff would be gone.

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Can we have an update with slime and AOTC mount? It appears from what I have seen we will be able to get the slime mount going up to DF what about AOTC mount? Thank you.

It has already been said in the going away post around 27 days ago.

What are you talking about?

Almost everyone’s questions has already been answered there about when things are happening. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t list a date, they’ve given a clear “checkpoint”.

I never seen this, thank you. Answers my questions instead of reading 10+ comments.

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Sorry for being a bit crass earlier. Just gotten annoying to see the questions pop up like everywhere when blizz (and other sites) could just link to the document. Seems like a waste/disrespect of people’s time.

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Yeah they could to help the player base know exactly what’s going on. I rarely ever ask questions because it’s pretty obvious. But this time everything is much different. It’s all good. Thanks again. Have a good day.

Hello, please do not end the season, it is too short! I would like seasons to be at least eight months, like your fist season this patch. That was very cute! Also no more mythic+ weekly rotation, please allow players to choose their affixes like we can on the tournament realm. Thank you!

I think you all forgot the M+ valor chests this season. Please give us something to spend valor on and fish for tertiaries. TY!

They did say s4 was going to be a shorter season ever since they announced they were gonna do s4.