Shadowlands Season 4 Ending Soon

cool they also posted them last season

“leaks” lol it’s all planned programming hahaha

Just use this:

Slime cat will be available until Dragonflight launches (Nov 28th), KSM mount / portals are going away with Season 4 (Oct 25th).

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Can we get clarification on if the Slime Cat and other Fated raid achievements will still be available? The achievement states “Complete all three Fated raids on <Normal/Heroic/Mythic> difficulty or higher in Shadowlands Season 4.” With Season 4 ending, does that mean the achievements will no longer be attainable? I know the raids themselves are staying, but looking for clarification on the achievement specifically. Or are those that still need kills from Castle Nathria just out of luck?

Yay Pre Patch date confirmed :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Now just waiting on information about whats coming with it like hopefully Dracthyr Evoker so we have time to learn the class

There’s an article they posted not long ago, which stated that the Slime Cat will be obtainable until Dragonflight launches.

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Just curious, will the current rotation of mythic+ dungeons go away and revert back to the default shadowlands ones? Or will they stay til xpac launch?

Possible to get Collector Editions out for prepatch?
Sucks to get he expensive and fancy stuff and have to wait while everyone else gets to play a dragon.
(or at least give CE a code :frowning: )

Slime cat is available until DF launches. KSM mount/portals will end with prepatch.

Some months ago I saw a blue post about this. They said buy digital DF and then when you get your CE in the mail and claim that code, overlapping digital items will be refunded to your Blizzard wallet.

Probably longer than this. They’ve probably extended prepatch.

Could be. I’m just using the Ion interview as a reference, where he said it would only last for 2 weeks. They might have changed it though, it does seem too short.

How long did we kill the scourge bosses before shadowlands launched? I can’t remember now, but that was one of my favorite wow memories, good times.

the thing is, i entered a twitter contest for heroic edition and they gave everyone who won 2 codes. so i have my code and my fiance has the collector edition. so it would be a waste of a free game copy when i can give the code to a guildie instead

2 weeks prior.

Didn’t play BFA, didn’t do pre-patch.


Hello Dear Blizzard developers, a fellow player since Woltk Greets you.

I would really appreciate if you could come up with a solution that has existed since the creation of M+ mode back in Legion.

There are many players myself included that would love to be able to play Only and Exclusively M+ and via this only game mode be able to gear up to Mythic Raider standards.

My real question here is. Why do Mythic raiders have the upper hand over M+ Players in Ilvl, and special items such as Sylvanas Daggers or High end trinkets? just to put some examples.

M+ has grown even bigger than Mythic raiding and is what most new players are attracted to for many reasons, such as:

  • Replayability: Can play all day long if you feel like and stop when you feel like.
  • Entry Barrier: You got your key, you invite whoever you want and just Lets Rock n’Roll mode.
  • Flexible Schedule: Feeling like playing some WoW, got a few hours to spare? Want some action? Lets go baby we gotchu M+ 20 Iron Docks here we go!
  • Harder and immersive content: Where every week the challenges change such as Affixes and team players! There is Sanguine so maybe your old boomkin is preferable because of typhoon? or maybe explosives week so bring that beautiful Dh that loves to have souls!
  • Solo playing: I know some people would say duuh this is what MMORPG are not supposed to be, but in a fast paced world where it gets harder and harder to coincide with people in several topics, sometimes is just nice to be able to do as you please. Wanna play with my Rogue a key? then change to my Shamy? then change to my Druid? Nobody is going to tell me but dude you need to play just with one character because you are getting items from other guildies, or you suck at your Shamy so bring your Druid. Btw i get the reason why someone would tell me this i suck at my shamy!.

So this problem can be addressed in two different ways.

1.- We M+ Community and Also PvErs would love a way to get gear like PvPers do, where we can aim for specific items at a fixated rate. Give us “conquest points” where after doing several dungeons we can exchange this points for an specific item. Lets say we can get one specific item per week both from Dungeons and Raid. Of course add this also to Raiding so they don’t say that they will be even more forced to do M+. This solution is the one i like the most. Maybe make that if they did LFR/Normal and Heroic they cap their weekly points and both M+ and Raid give items at the same speed and are interconnected. You cant cap both M+ and Raid to get two items, just one or the other. Also if you Raid and M+ you can cap it faster.

2.- Make every Raid item to be less powerful in M+ and Vice versa. Why? Because people that play only and exclusively M+ feel that in order to keep progressing in M+ content they MUST do Mythic Raiding. This solution is less preferable, is kinda annoying to feel that all your effort put into Raiding doesn’t work outside of it and vice versa.

For example in this last season i was only raiding heroic 2 days a week, killed every final boss, and pushing as hard as i could M+, so my ilvl was subpar, i was a Rogue Outlaw ilvl 297 equipped with every bis weapon and trinket from Heroic difficulty. I believe im a superb player i wont miss any interrupts and dodge every possible avoidable damage. But only because my ilvl wasnt 301-305 was way harder for me to do M+ 26 and higher, people would join my key and would leave, and not because im bad is because im under geared to players standards. So what happend after i chested my first Grimrail 26? i left i unsubbed i realized that in order to aim for the sky i would have to go through hell and raid 3-4 days a week doing content i dislike.

With both solutions give the possibility to upgrade every item to its equivalent of Mythic Raid.

I understand people that love raiding, the feeling of camaraderie, that yell of excitement WOOOOOOOO! when you finally get the kill with your boyz after so much struggle is fantastic i adored it back in my younger days. But truth being said, it gets old real fast, having to give it a 100 try in order to kill a Mythic boss where the fight is always the same, drops are not guaranteed and maybe the last 97 wipes were not your fault is kinda depressing.

Just a fellow WoW player feeling like my days in this game are maybe coming to an End because life evolves but this game keeps to its old ways.


This feels like it should be its on post, not a reply in this thread.


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