Shadowlands Season 4 Ending Soon

All of these pre patch talks and not one official announcement and also pre patch event will be a two parter.

Is M+ disabled after S4 ends, or can I keep gearing my alts?

They made the deathwalker till release of df so I would assume so.

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Not enough time. Try again for 11.0

With Season 4 ending on the 25th and no expansion until 11/28 - will we be able to do any keys in those 4 weeks? Will they be the current Season 4 keys or will we get Shadowlands keys back?

5 weeks*

And very likely they’ll continue shrouded like they did for awakened during SL prepatch. Nothing has been stated otherwise, so that means nothing changes. Just ending of rewards.

Just updating this on 14th for myself. Only the +20 and KSH stuff is going away on the 25th. The 5/10/15 rewards are staying until DF launch.

thanks, yes 5 weeks. was hoping we could get the old dungeons back in rotation just to mix it up a bit

thank you stradkiller

+1 love it thx