Shadowlands Season 1 actual ending rankings at 10pm PDT June 28th

Blizzard please stick to your word.

I’ve climbed out of the deepest darkest trenches of hell to achieve my rating. At 10 pm pacific 2951 was r1 cutoff. There’s plenty of screen shots and vods to support this. I’m sure your servers will support this also. Please don’t screw us over, 7+ Months of hard work gone because blizzard lies to our faces when season would end. It’s not right….


No tanks please

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Best of luck, I’ve gone to bed on the last day of a season top 10 in my faction before and queues kept going until like 10am far past the supposed cutoff and we missed R1 by 1 spot so this def wouldn’t be new.

Neither is playing a tank spec.


Definitely not fair to those who were safe at the announced cutoff time.

The people below the R1 cutoff had nothing to lose by continuing to queue while the people above it did, so they stopped.

I’m guessing blizz literally made an off by 1 error in their code somewhere because people said queues turned off at 11pm est instead. Just sad if true.

the funny thing is it didnt end until a hr and 11 mins after exactly. not even on the flat hour


I’ve played with you before. You were an absolute jerk to people. I’m happy to read that things didn’t work out for you.


Everyone who has played WoW for more than 1 day understands that Blizzard says one thing and does another, you should always prepare for this. If you think they’re going to allocate resources to figure out who deserves r1 because they forgot to turn off the season at the time they scheduled you’re smoking some good good my man. If you expected it to go as they said then you are simply delusional, you had 8 months to hit queue, its always a race until the end, once the queue button is greyed out then the season is over, Blizzard doesn’t even owe us transparency as to exactly when the season will end.


have to second your a douche, you dnt deserve it


The alts are coming out of the woodwork here lol

I hope everyone at 2951 except team bung gets it somehow


Blizzard takes two weeks to review the rank 1 achievements before handing them out for reasons exactly like this.

Your rating makes no sense, I thought Mortalx was the best prot paladin to grace the realms?

Guess not

Fitting end for the Sinful season. All of the scummy boosting, dead ladder, top end players sitting for months, mmr change mid season, win trading at r1…lol…well deserved.

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Please make the cut off when it was supposed to be. People who queued after don’t deserve r1.

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I actually couldn’t have said this better myself.

yeah stick it to blizzard, you should quit

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At least I’m ballsy enough to q something no one else does…

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How are you guys calculating the cutoffs after season end? The ladder still shows the cutoff from the 27th/early 28th

that’s because most people don’t like making out with their dad while they queue.