Shadowlands Season 1 actual ending rankings at 10pm PDT June 28th

There were multiple blue posts verifying the season ended at 10pm PDT on June 28th and 1 am EST June 29th. This was reinforced by up to 3 posts. Here are the sources for these posts.

I and everyone else that is 2951 on Horde has multiple screenshots of the ladder around 10:30 PDT or 1:30 EST when the ladder had officially ended.

There should be a snapshot that you guys have access to verifying everything that I listed in this post. Please take time to consider this and review the evidence so that rank 1 is handled properly for Horde in Shadowlands S1.

Thank you!


fingers crossed for my 10 way tie bros


Season seemed to keep going, unless they screenshotted, hopefully it’s explained.


Calmtwo-tichondrius at 10pm was 2951 with the rest of the players that were tied… season apparently kept going and now I’m ineligible :frowning:


For many of us, this will be our first R1 to. Please get this post as much as attention as possible community.


Blizzard should have a time stamp at 10 PM PST to go back on to make sure that the season ended at there designated time frames they announced that we all used as our offcial time to spot playing arena.


‘Sitful Gladiators’ watches the cutoff go up and sits there and does not bother to q 1 more game for r1


Same for Bumbleb-Darkspear 2951


if u win yeah but if u lose then your screwed


I hope they either #1 stick to the timeframe, and admit their mistake, or #2 simply give it to everyone, since alot of teams stopped queing once they believed it was over, it’s unfair (Even if it was accidental) and ruins the integrity of the season even further. Hopefully we get a response.


I, like the others here, stopped playing at 10:00 PM PDT as well when the season was supposed to have ended.

My team was also at 2951 and in range for the rank 1 title this season. But, because the season didn’t end and ranked arena remained available after the season was supposed to have ended, we were knocked out of range.

My team:


Let’s also not forget, this is also one of the longest seasons in WoW arena history, so the amount of time and energy invested in this achievement is immense. This was also one of the only seasons to ever see an MMR deflation patch mid-season, which resulted in hundreds of players sitting their rating for 5+ months, soaking up hundreds of rank 1 spots as inactive players.

Technical difficulties like this do happen and are understandable, especially when rolling out a new system (like ending the season at a scheduled time, and not with realm shut downs). However, I really do hope that Blizzard will carefully review the ladder at the scheduled season ending time of 10:00 PM PDT when handing out seasonal achievements. I believe Blizzard wants to do the right thing and maintain integrity and reliability when at all possible.


I played with Qúeenroach@Mannoroth to what we believe’d was safe rank 1 cutoff. We played fair and hard to push and earn our title as a team. Please hold the time stamp accountable blizzard that you gave us as an official notice. If you turn the clock to 10 PM PDT all the info will be there. Much love. Thank you.


i hope they dont commit to the timestamp so bluedrew gets r1

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i love shadowlands


“I believe Blizzard wants to do the right thing and maintain integrity and reliability when at all possible.”
“Blizzard please be accountable for your decisions and community announcements.”

im ded


Well 1 spot will open up my team mate is 2954 only had 105 wins so he won’t count towards cutoff

ladder just updated

which i assume it wouldn’t if it ended at the correct time

updated cutoff is 2952 (7 up from the bottom)

this is honestly such a mistake if this is accurate


sorry to break it to you but it’s blizzard and they don’t care. the cutoff will be what it was when the season greyed out. have your fingers crossed you made it


What a silly little season.

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just assume blizzard is gunna mess something up
all 3 mud warriors are safe gl to those 2951cr