Shadowlands, Season 1—Now Live!

Shadowlands, Season 1—Now Live!

Shadowlands Season 1 includes an all-new affix—Prideful—for Mythic Keystone Dungeons, powerful Conquest PvP gear, the new Castle Nathria raid, and more.

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Wait, the other thread you posted says Season 1 starts tomorrow. Which is it?

Edit: The OP removed the “Season 1 is live” from the post, so it indeed appears to start tomorrow (12/8).


I, too, am confused by this.

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Season 1 ! yey!

Season is live! but not. lol

Why does this keep happening. 3rd time? Even the “Naxx is now Live” Tweet went out 2 days after it was cleared in a laughable ~90minutes…

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i think you forget people have mastered classic raids for years now. most people pushing it and completing that fast would clear it on private servers all the time.

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So glad the BfA RNG box is gone!
Thank you for the “Great Vault” system!

Hope class tuning intends to happen for pvp, a handful of classes are far to powerful.


Nobody forgets, because the Classic crowd can’t shut up about it. They all cried about Shadowlands getting in the way of Naxx when it was cleared in the time it takes to make a good dinner.

How do you know a person played in Vanil… never mind, they just told you.


Why are the pvp caps so low, for bg ilvl and for the conquest cap?


Are we getting a patch to address the giant disparity in Covenant powers/representation or are you just going to let the Necrolords rot into oblivion(pun intended)?


some ones mad they werent around in the golden ages of this once great game. sorry legion baby


Might not be Scarab Lord but I did get to enjoy it, in it’s prime. My progress ended in Classic when my casual pvp guild from Live blazed through to Rag.

Classic is just a waste, for me. Too far from the real thing. But, I do hope they merge most servers to maintain a sustainable population and give those die hard fans a little utopia that’s safe from the woes of private servers.





What’s the cap for mythic plus first week

World Boss? Which one first? At S1 start, or if not when? Thanks!

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Unless there’s a patch coming as well. This isn’t a survival guide, if so it would say to reroll to play OP classes because we’re not nerfing DPS.

Another joke of a season for PvP players as we get shafted yet again. 550 cap are you kidding me?? And then the weapon requires 5,000 conquest that is 10 WEEKS of capping for a petty 200 ilvl weapon. Meanwhile everyone and there grandmother is gonna run mythic 1 and get a 200 weapon from there first week of the season. Typical Blizzard always making sure we have to do pve yet again. Thanks for giving us false hope for PvP but reality soon hits and that’s when you realize we’re still gonna have to do 90% of pve content just to succeed in arenas


Mythic 9 drops 200ilvl at the end of dungeon. Not sure how M2 is gonna be getting 200ilvl when that only nets you one vault piece a week at 200.